Dimond’s Gymnast: Stephanie Brenner

Known gymnast, friend, student and self taught dancer, Stephanie Brenner is sadly making her way out of Dimond High School to start a whole new chapter of her life. Born in Kodiak, Alaska on November 21st, 1994, Brenner is a senior graduating 2012. Brenner has been a gymnast for most of her life and has been on the Dimond Gymnastics Team for all four years, greatly improving with each new year. Even though she was born with Severs Disease, which makes it difficult to involve herself in certain exercise activities, Brenner has still pushed herself to excel in gymnastics and improve her skills and talents with everyday life as well. For almost each year of high school Brenner has injured herself during gymnastics season yet her perseverance has kept her working hard. Recently, in September, Brenner twisted her lower vertebrae which interfered the most in her competitions and may have permanently damaged her ability to be the gymnast she used to be. “Gymnastics is a big roll in my life,” Brenner said, “but I’m not ready to let my injury get in the way of what I love to do, that’s why I am planning on coaching the UAA gymnastics team because I may not be able to teach high school.” Brenner has many plans ahead of high school, and is planning on going to UAA to major in nursing and minor in dance. “If my back doesn’t get fixed then I am going to major in psychology and minor in sign language,” Brenner said. Brenner’s talent in gymnastics has also led her to many opportunities in staged plays at Dimond High School. “I know I am going to cry at cross over,” Brenner said, “I love going to assemblies because of all the energy, but I know for a fact this last assembly will be an emotional one.” A friend of many, Brenner has easily made her name a good one around Dimond High School. Sophomore Maddy Guild said, “I absolutely love Stephanie. She teaches everyone of any age new things. She is so sweet and isn’t like anyone I have ever met. Stephanie makes friends with everyone. I met her when I was a freshman and she was nothing but nice to me, I am definitely going to miss her and I wish her the best.” Brenner has also faced many challenges since her injury which includes school, but she hasn’t stopped herself from success. “School has been a small issue for me.” Brenner said, “All my life I have had A’s and B’s but I have missed a lot of school recently because of my back, but I have done nothing but work to get my grades back to how they were.” Brenner has followed through with her goal and is now on her way to going above and beyond in school.