Senior Parade

Senior Parade The senior parade is a tradition that makes Dimond High school unique. It has been going on for a long time and seniors look forward to it every year. The senior parade takes place on the last day of school for seniors. They march through the school behind the band and parade through the school. This year the parade takes place on the 4th of May. Seniors are looking forward to this parade says Dimond senior Austin Portch. “I have been waiting for the parade day my whole high school career. It is so exciting to see all the seniors having so much fun.” said Portch. “The senior parade is a time seniors, after all their high school careers, can go parade around the school and not get in trouble.” said Portch. It is also a tradition for the seniors to get there cars pelted with candy. Teachers do this to attack the seniors. Jake Henke who has been a senior for almost one school year, is extremely excited for the parade and cannot wait. “ I am extremely excited for the parade, I can’t wait! Ugh, I just can’t wait.” said Henke. The senior parade can sometimes get emotional for some seniors. Connor Toohey is an example of that. “Its gonna be really swag. I can’t wait. I will probably cry like a baby when I see my favorite teacher, Mrs. Norsworthy, standing there cheering me on.” said Toohey. It’s obvious how excited everyone is for this parade as it is another part to seniors moving out to make room for the upcoming seniors and freshmen. The parade gives other students another thing to look forward to as they see their seniors walk out of the school, so happy and gleeful. “ For all the times I’ve watched the senior parade this year, I get more and more excited to be there in that same postition. I want to be with the senior boys, but it’s hard to get in with them because they’re such a tight knit group!” said Dimond Sophomore Colby Ferguson. “The seniors are great this year! I love these kids, they’ve made me so gosh darn happy! I’m going to miss them!” said Dimond teacher Todd Sanderson. It’s clear that the graduating class of 2012 is a loved class and will be well missed. The senior parade is the step before graduation to make it real to the seniors that they’re about to move onto their grown adult lives and to get a better education. The Senior Parade is definitely a huge tradition at Dimond and will not be left behind anytime soon. Dimond is truly a school of spirit and tradition as this has been going on for decades. Most people outside the school don’t know about the Dimond senior parade and that makes it even more special for Dimond seniors and underclassmen. “The fact that not many people know about our senior parade makes it even more awesome. I wouldn’t want any South kids knowing more about how sick our school is.” said Dimond Junior Matthew Froehlich. “I haven’t heard of any other school doing what they do here at Dimond for our seniors. It’s truly special and I hope that it’ll be stay around as long as possible to make every senior class to be as special as the last.” said Dimond Senior Cameron Williams. As everyone can see it’s obvious why Dimond has been known as most spirited in the past and why the seniors stay so loyal to their high school after they’re long gone.