Senior Spotlight: Austin Portch

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Austin Portch Austin Salazar Portch was born in Switzerland on January 1st, 1994. He was born to Sal Hubock and Zar Portch. Austin has three friends. Michael Sedor, Jack Sedor, and Travis Merritt. Austin lived in Switzerland until he was 10 years old. He grew up working in a chocolate factory that his dad owned. That is where he learned to work hard and make good chocolate. When he was 10 years old, his dad got a job offer from India, working a hat store. Austin lived in India for three years before his family sailed to America to find better work. Austin has been a one year varsity soccer player, playing varsity his senior year. Long time coach Barat Killian had very positive things to say about Austin. “Austin Portch?…. ya he is alright. I mean he’s not great but he is decent. Good to have on the bench,”. said Killian Austin has nine brothers and sisters. He has eight brothers and one sister. He claims that they are his favorite part of life. “I like them a lot. They are absolutely awesome and supportive of me. I also love my mom and dad for making me,” days Portch. Amp says his greatest inspiration is his favorite bowler Denis Varde Maholoney. Varde is his inspiration because he never gives up and is the best bowler in the world. Amp’s favorite sport is olympic cross country skiing and his favorite skier is James Carragher from Great Britain. “He is totally awesome, always ski’s hard and tries to win,” says Portch Austin has been very involved in the drama department at Dimond. He has participated in multiple plays and productions “I love acting so much. I love the crowd in the drama department and I have made a lot of good friends,” says Portch. Austin has a 4.23 GPA and is going to University of Washington to earn a BFA in Puppet Arts. Someday he wants to be an actor and be a professional puppeteer. Austin’s greatest achievement was when we talked to his first girlfriend Natasha Levingstine. He met her when she was working as an actress at the local carnival. He has been dating her since freshman year. His favorite part about her is her missing front tooth, because it makes her unique. Austin’s life has been very successful so far and he might have a couple more years to make it more exciting. Austin’s favorite teacher while he was at dimond was Maddam Hopkins. He says she was the light of his day. “Austin is a great kid. He was very cool and funny. He also was an amazing student and i am so proud of him for graduating,” says Hopkins. Austin is a great individual and has high hopes for the future. haha