Senior Spotlight: Daniel Roberts

Although some people may think that all hockey players are cocky, self-loathing guys who only worry about their hair and their trucks, those people haven’t met Daniel Roberts. Roberts, a senior, may just be the nicest hockey player anyone has ever met. Over his four years here at Dimond, Roberts has participated in many school activities, such as hockey, student government, jazz band, DNL and even had an act in the talent show his senior year. Roberts was also part of the varsity hockey team that went undefeated this season winning 26 games straight and taking home the State Championship, which is Roberts most memorable moment in high school. Roberts is known by his peers as a hardworking, talented and caring young athlete and musician. Not only does Roberts spend his time hanging out with his younger siblings, Ryan and A.M., playing hockey and putting in time working on DNL skits, but he is also in a band. Roberts is the lead vocalist and guitarist in Vintage Astronauts, which is a band made up of drummer Thomas Moore, bass guitarist Felipe Godoy and vocalist Arturo Oberto Roberts admits that he found out about the band through a social networking site. “I think I actually just saw it on Facebook that they had a band… and I just asked if I could go jam with them one day,” said Roberts, adding that “then they just like asked me to join that day.” Much to fans’ dismay, Roberts said that the band was “just going to finish the album, which is like two more songs,” and then they will not be continuing on with the band due to some members going off to college in the fall. Speaking of college plans, Roberts is not exactly sure what he will be doing in the fall; however, he has a pretty good idea. When asked about future plans Roberts says that he will probably attend “Minnesota, although I might go to the US Naval Academy,” adding, “and be a rockstar.” Lem Wheeles, one of Roberts’ teachers at Dimond, is not worried about the future for Daniel. “I think he’s a leader, and I think he can take a look at situations around him and look to improve them… I’ve never seen him come up against a problem and get discouraged, he looks at every problem as an opportunity,” said Wheeles. Although the future holds big plans for Roberts, he still has a couple of days to soak in everything that high school has to offer. Roberts maintains a good social life and being the hockey team captain while also taking a rigorous class load. Among other challenging classes, Roberts is also taking AP Calculus and Spanish 4. “I think he’s got one of those time turners from Harry Potter,” says Wheeles while talking about how Roberts manages his time while doing everything that he does. “I think some people really thrive on that sort of go go go, high energy lifestyle,and I think Daniel’s that way,” added Wheeles. Roberts’ advice for kids in high school is: “Don’t stress about all of the school work, but definitely get it all done ‘cause it’s actually important even though it’s really annoying and stuff, but four years isn’t that bad and it goes by quick.” There you have it, Daniel Roberts: hockey player, family man, good friend and musician. “He’s a great hockey player,” says Wheeles, adding, “and a pretty decent musician too.”