Senior Spotlight: Kristi Lauwers

Kristi Lauwers is seemingly everywhere at Dimond High School. You may know her only as the booming voice that reverberates through the halls of Dimond during the morning announcements. No? Perhaps you will recognize her from the volleyball court, where she has repped Dimond’s Varsity volleyball team for the last three years, helping them to win two state championships. Still not ringing a bell? You could have possibly seen her walking across the stage on Honors Grad Night to accept her cord for academic excellence. Yeah I know, I told you she was everywhere. With her senior year of high school quickly coming to a close, it is clear that Lauwers has had the quintessential high school experience, with involvement in many sports, such as volleyball all four years and JV soccer her freshman year, and clubs like Z-Club and Green Effects. Throughout her high school career, Lauwers has also been very involved in school-related activities, such as prom committee and student government, with her most recent position in government as Co-Commissioner of Spirit. Despite having maintained such a busy schedule throughout her high school career, Lauwers has had nothing but positive things to say about her experience at Dimond, and will even miss some elements of it. “I’ll miss the atmosphere at Dimond. There’s definitely school pride at Dimond and the whole like rivalry at Dimond, and the overall simplicity of it. We complain about the homework and stuff, but really it’s nothing compared to what we’ll get in college,” Lauwers said. Lauwers had also had many memorable moments at Dimond, the most significant of which being her junior year when she assisted Dimond in the defeat of South at the 4A State Volleyball Championship. There are also things that Lauwers regrets about high school. “I regret being scared and nervous my freshman year. I spent the year very out of my comfort zone, adjusting to a new big school and I wish I would’ve come in a little more confident, because it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was.” In addition, Lauwers’ favorite teachers, Mr. Wheeles and Mr. Anderson, had nothing but positive things to say about her. “Kristi is creative… She is a pretty friendly and upbeat person always has a good positive attitude and works to make the world a more positive place around her,” said Lauwers’ student government teacher Lem Wheeles. “I like that she knows her place and knows when to work hard… she really knows herself well and i think she really knows her strengths and knows her weaknesses,” said Lauwers’ former pre-calculus teacher Jim Anderson. After high school, Kristi has plans to continue playing volleyball at a D-3 college in Minnesota, after which she hopes to become an orthodontist. “I think she’ll turn out great. She’s gonna be successful in whatever she does because she is a motivated, driven person who will do what it takes to get what she wants,” said Wheeles.