Senior Spotlight: Taylor Aronwits

Senior Spotlight by Tigne Shelton A.J. Dimond senior, Taylor Ann Aronwits born to Sharon Wilson and Glenn Aronwits on October 11, 1993 in Anchorage, Alaska. Along with her, she has two younger siblings, one brother and one sister who she loves so very dearly. Taylor’s parents are her number one motivation, they do absolutely everything for her and she states, “I could never thank them enough.” Taylor overall has had a successful high-school career with an overall GPA of a 3.97. One of the seniors that are graduating with honors and very proud of the work she has done herself. She enjoys playing volleyball in which she has done for years, her career of Volleyball consists of three Varsity years and two-time state champ. Taylor explains how much she enjoyed played Volleyball and seeing players come up as well as improving with many of her friends on the team. She wishes to further her career for College level play, but she believes she would like to focus more on her college career. Taylor will be attending the University of Alaska Anchorage in the fall to study nursing then she plans to continue on to physician’s assistant school. At first, Taylor was all for going out of state for college then she realized that staying here was the best option for her and it seemed to be less of a stress for her to go through. For her high-school years in Dimond she expresses, “I enjoyed my teachers just as much as my friends and I honestly do not know how my high-school experience would have been without them.” She won the senior superlative of best physique. Winning best physique was one of her many accomplishments throughout her high-school career. Taylor was constantly involved in everything that she was interested in, she never held back and she states, “I am glad that I was involved in everything that I wanted to be it made being in high-school even more worth it.” Even at the end of the year, Taylor strives to stay on top of her work and keeps a positive attitude. Taylor Aronwits is more than ecstatic to be graduating in the year of 2011-2012 with honors and having everyone by her side that helped pull her through. Overall, she concludes, “It was a great experience and something I never plan on forgetting. I will miss my friends that are underclassman.” She states that she hopes for the best on her journey to life and will always remember the great times she had here at A.J. Dimond High School.