Summer Jobs

The best time of the year for students to earn money is summer. Although it seems difficult for students to balance work and school, some have found a rhythm for success. Senior Kala Jenkins said “you have to plan out time really well, on days off I do all of my homework.” Senior Pauline Nitiprawoto also agrees with this time management protocol. “During the school week I work six hours at Sun Solution and Bella- Day Spa, it’s my part-time job,” she said. Keana Rivas, a Junior, said, ”I work four days a week at the Dome from 4pm to 8pm. So I usually do all of my homework after school.” Most student-employees work not only for the surplus amount of money, but also for the many benefits that they receive. “The best part about working is the money. You don’t need to ask your parents for extra cash so there’s a sense of independence that comes hand in hand with a working,” said Jenkins. Nitiprawoto said, ”Some of the benefits I get is free tanning and 50% off all hair products that the spa has in stock.” Junior, Allen Pangelinan said, ”I only work on the weekends and I get free food or a discounted price on menu items.” In order for a student to be successful in their job expertise, they must have a positive environment that keeps them motivated and focused while working. “I get free coffee and my co-workers are very respectful and easy going,” said Rivas. “The owners are super sweet and they treat the workers very well,” said Nitiprawoto. Another critical aspect of working is being able to work with your peers. Many student employees enjoy seeing their friends where they work. Junior, Alaina Hawley is working in her grandparents’ gold mine this summer. Hawley is excited to work because she will gain job experience, future contacts, and learn how to drive a plethora of automobiles. ”I am earning up to $5,000 and only working for a month. Although it’s a 12 hour shift seven days a week,” Hawley said. Offering jobs to students in high school will help them to understand the responsibility that comes along with everyday jobs. It also helps them to gain experience in a working environment. Learning the value of a dollar will make any student appreciate every present they will ever receive.