“Music is Life”

“My oldest baby is leaving me, its going to be hard to just let her go,” Said Brionna’s Mom a few moments before her eldest daughter’s last dimond choir concert last thursday. S trong headed but kind at heart, Brionna Strange, a senior of Dimond High, gets ready to move on to a life full of expression and adventure. She knows tiny bits of four Alaska Native languages, three asian languages, two hispanic, as well as, Hawaiian, French, German, and Latin, with her dominant language staying american english. Being a child of the military she moved around much and learned much about different cultures and different ways of learning and living. “High school is not to be taken for granted. Its not the easiest, but it’s not the hardest either. being part of music in school has definitely made me a better person because music is life, it is the rhythm of living and definitely makes a good impression on people,”Brionna explains as she packs up to move to a new chapter in her life, college at UAF. Her younger sister, Gabby spoke of Brionna as if she was never leaving, “My sister has a strong mind that can’t be broken to match her heart of gold. People that can’t accept that should just walk away knowing they’re missing something.” Even though her life was always based around music, she always thought that science was so full hearted and an international way of life this became her inspiration to becoming a petroleum engineer. Stating, “It’s not all hard facts and that no one knows everything about science. New things are being found every day that open more doors to enlightenment. It’s how the subject has a bit of mystery to it, that compels me.” She participates in the Dimond Choir and plays the flute to some classic Disney tunes and so many other songs on her own time. Music and art in every form, Brionna expresses through her own voice or in voices of others. None of this would be possible without the push of every teacher that Brionna had throughout the years, making her favorite teacher her middle school band instructor, Robert Arms. “He has always been enthusiastic, even when dates were closing in. He is an inspiration to me as a musician and made it so that I love, and will continue to love music throughout my life, even if its not through being a flautist,” said Brionna. Megan Ahn is Brionna’s best friend during her senior year of high school, spending much time together making memories that will last a lifetime. “We always had lots of fun but probably, choir concerts were the best because there’s always lots going on, lots of drama. but, because choir has lots of drama in general. Sharing Chai tea and hot chocolate during lunch has always been fun.She’s mature, fun to hang out with,kind and thoughtful,” said Megan. When you leave something, you get something in return, like feeling good or learning something new.