CRC Brings Colleges to Seniors

Students need information on colleges and don’t know where to look. As seniors, most students will be looking to get their college education scheduled and ready. One place students can go is Dimond’s Career Resource Center. More than 30 colleges are coming to Dimond this year to provide information to seniors and even juniors getting ready for college. Lucas Ruiz, an admissions counselor for Seattle University, came to Dimond on Sept. 24. He explained how financial aid worked, and what Seattle University will be looking at in applications. The financial aid is based on final GPA and test scores, he said. He talked about on-campus residence halls and what students can do on and off campus, like snowboarding and skiing not far from the university. Comparing the schools that come will help students get an idea of what they would have to pay for tuition, financial aid and books. Dimond Counselor Rob Hartley said, “Students should do financial aid applications when you apply for the college you want to go to.” Going to visit a college immerses the student in how life is at a college. Danie Holden, a senior, has gone on a college tour to Wellesley College, in Massachusetts. Holden said that when she was there she “stayed in a dorm, visited classes and learned about the tuition. She got a hands-on of what would be happening in everyday life at college. Although she has not decided if she wants to go there, it has given her an idea of what she should be looking for when applying. Check with counselors and the Career Resource Center to see if they have information about the college you want to apply to, including possible Dimond visits by college representatives.