Cullen Lickingteller: New Spectrum Advisor

Cullen Lickingteller, a Dimond Art and English teacher, has taken on a new job. He is now the advisor for the Spectrum, Dimond’s yearbook. Lickingteller takes the place of former advisor Todd Sanderson. Although Lickingteller jokingly said yearbook gives him “13 bleeding ulcers,” he is serious about his new position. He said he wants “create a good product that does justice to the culture of Dimond.” Lickingteller has prepared his whole life to be a yearbook advisor. He attained a degree in both Art and Business. What ails him the most about yearbook are the deadlines that has made them change some things since last year. “Unforeseeable hurdles and the changing district policy and procedures” are some difficulties Lickingteller has to deal with. Most of the same things are being used, such as the computer format. He says next year will be different. Lickingteller says the final product will be released a week before Senior Fun Day. “Administrator, rules, and new teacher” Mackenzie French, the yearbook editor, says of the changes she has noticed. She also states that Lickingteller is “energetic and helpful.” Leah Swiss is only one of many people to tell only great things of Lickingteller. “He is really nice and keeps people working hard,” Swiss said. Teresa Rath explains, “he is very sarcastic, but means well. I really enjoy him as the yearbook advisor and being able to learn from him.” Lickingteller has a big personality. He’s “always encouraging and in your face about things,” says Sierra Afoa. “Lickingteller is much louder than Sanderson. Sanderson is more structured,” said Amanda Amodemo. Lauren Hines says, “he is chill. Don’t take him seriously. He will make you tough. Learn his sarcasm side and what his serious side.” Courtney Beach states firmly that “he believes in the class more than the class believes in themselves.” Rebecca Lee said, “Mr Lickingteller has a variety of different outlooks and different situations. He is wise in photography and photoshop. He is very interactive. He is very understanding, energetic, and easy to work with.” “He is a solid guy,sarcastic, very hyperactive, keeps things interesting,” said Taylor Allen.