Dimond visits Career Fair

On Oct. 22 about 30 student from Dimond High school attended the once-a-year College and Career Fair where around 100 colleges have representatives ready to talk to students about their school and why they should attend that school. Those attending were mostly seniors,but some juniors attended as well. Kim Lauwers is head of the Career Resource Center office and was the chaperone for this event. “It’s good for seniors to go. I would definitely recommend it to the seniors and juniors as well because they can get a head start on the places they want to go for college.It’s also good to see the different high schools from anchorage there instead of just Dimond,” Lauwers said. Senior Kerrick Eagle said, “That was my first time going to the Career Fair, but it was worth it because you get to talk to the admissions people from every college you are interested in around the western side of the country.” Eagle also said, “Its good for kids to go because they need to be more prepared for college and not be doing things last minute your senior year.” Senior Bobbye Pendelton said,“It was good for me to go because I got to talk to the colleges I have been talking to over email in person, it helps when you have one on one time with the admissions person.” Pendelton also said, “I would recommend this field trip to anyone who is looking at going to college and is not sure what their final decision is for college, also because it’s a super fun experience to go through. You learn a lot and get a bunch of free stuff.” Another attendant was Senior Stasia Lavern-Tosi, a transfer from West High School, who said, “I plan on playing volleyball in college so it was good to get to know the colleges better that I have been looking at for a while and who have offered or want me to play for them next year.” Lavern-Tosi also said, “The school I want to play for wasn’t there so it helped me rule out all my other options that I was interested in. Seniors that have more pressure should really start narrowing down their options sooner because you don’t want to end up doing everything last minute and the College and Career Fair really helps with that.” Senior Kiel Kenning said, “This experience really opened my eyes to what was out there I am really excited for my future. A senior has lots of pressure to make a next mature move on your own independently as a person so its like an exiting pressure for me because I’m very excited!” Kenning also says, “That was my first time going on this field trip. It helped me because it’s all mostly online when you want to apply to a college, but being in person was way more informational and helped a lot more because I actually got to talk to the people that work at each college.” Junior Mackenzie French said, “I would say going for one year was enough but I will probably go again next year because I am still learning.”