Dimond’s New Bell Schedule

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Yes, Dimond High School’s bell schedule has changed. A warning bell was added and it rings two minutes before class starts. Dimond’s Principal Cheryl Guyett said, “[Dimond High School has] tried so many things to improve punctuality [for tardiness]. Seventy percent of tardies are before first hour. Guyett said that the bell schedule program is a national program and the closest school that successfully uses this bell system is Colony High School in Palmer. Like Dimond, Colony has also tried many things to help with student tardies. After two weeks of the program Colony saw a difference in student punctuality, said Guyett. Guyett said the bells are electronically programed outside of the building, but there is the capability inside the school to ring a extra bell or turn a bell on or off. Many people think the warning bell should be a different sound. Guyett said they are trying to make the warning bell a different chime or sound. Sophomore Makenzie Heatherly said, I think that if [there is a] warning bell, [it] should make a different sound.” Sophomore Breanna Jingco agrees with Heatherly, “But sometimes [the warning bell is] nice because when I’m at my locker and [can’t] check the time, the two minute bell warning tells me how much time I have left. other then that, I hate it.” Sophomore Danyelle Collins said, “The new bell schedule is good. I would like it to have different tones so that I can tell the difference between the warning and actual bell.” Some people think there just shouldn’t be a warning bell. Freshman Julie DuClos said, “They should just keep it simple by having one bell.” Sophomore Miryea Herman said, “[The bells] throw me off every single time! I keep thinking I’m late [for class].” Trent Hodson, sophomore, said, “All that the warning bells do, are make people paranoid about being late.” There is a controversy over the bells during upperclassman fourth period. A bell rings at 11:03 a.m. to release the freshmen from lunch, and another bell rings at 11:07 a.m. to warn the freshmen that they have two minutes to get to class. Yet another bell rings at 11:09 a.m. to indicate that students not in class are now tardy. Guyett said the bells for upperclassmen and freshman lunch could be a “minor disruption, but I think the results are better.” Sophomore Olivia Canadine said, “I don’t like [the warning bell]. I believe that it is very confusing because when it is upperclassman fourth period people tend to get up during the [freshman] bells and want to leave class. It is very distracting.” Hodson also thinks the warning bells disrupt upperclassman fourth period. Sophomore Benjamin Smith said he thinks he will probably get used to the warning bells. “It’ll be good for future years because I talk to my friends until the warning bell. But they should do something about the bells during [freshman] lunch. Because I love my Japanese class but it gets interrupted a lot because of all the bells,” Smith said.