Instagram Taking Over Social Networking

In October of 2010, a free photo-sharing program was launched. In Summer of 2012 the same social network skyrocketed to be one of the most used programs, wikipedia saying it already has 100 million registered users. This innovative, photo-sharing program is Instagram. This app allowed on Apple and Android products allows users to post pictures, apply filters to them and share them with their friends and family for free. Many Dimond students have Instagram accounts. So what’s all the fuss about? Sophomore Elisse Quepons said she “likes seeing the creative things people post on Instagram.” And that leads to a whole new discussion. What do users post on Instagram? Kelsey Kingsley, a senior, said, ”When I go on Instagram all I see are people just taking pictures of themselves. It gets pretty annoying.” And Dasha Orlova, a sophomore, said,” It’s mostly people just taking pictures with their friends.” But what users see on Instagram all depends on who they “follow.” Users have the option to choose whose pictures they want to see and who is allowed to see their pictures. These are called “followers” and “following.” On Instagram users also have the option to make a profile private, so if a certain person isn’t following that user, the pictures can’t be seen. So how often do users go on Instagram? Johnny Wynne, a junior, said, “I probably go on Instagram once or twice a day.” But then Kingsley said,” I’m constantly on Instagram, I’m totally addicted.” Then came the question, why are these students going on Instagram all the time? What’s so special to see? “It’s a fun way to find out what people are doing,” Wynne said. ” I like posting scenic pictures, I don’t think there’s enough actual photography on Instagram anymore.” Kingsley said, “I like to post pictures of my friends and family, it’s a good way to share memories.” Orlova said, “I really like seeing the fashion pictures.” So to say the least, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to what users and students see when they log onto Instagram. But Instagram didn’t become popular overnight. It took over two years for Instagram to finally become a household name. How did that happen? The question arose to users, how were you introduced to Instagram? Kingsley said,” I heard about Instagram through friends.” Orlova said,” I first saw stuff about Instagram on Facebook and decided to see what it was all about.” How ironic, the spread of social networking, through social networking. So whether people like Facebook, Twitter or even Myspace, Instagram is taking over social networking.