Iphone 5 Takes the Cake

On September 21, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., released the long awaited iPhone 5 in California. Despite the official release statement, there are a lot of rumors whipping around about the new features. Sophomore Celine Abello said, “I heard that there’s a shootout keyboard, and some kind of projector inside the actual phone.” These rumors are in fact not true, but there are plenty of other qualities to be excited about. The iPhone 5 has an array of new features including a bigger screen with a larger retina display, and a new metal body. The body is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter to make it fit more comfortably in your hand. This doesn’t even begin to cover the faster 4G LTE network and better battery life. LTE allows you to have ultra fast connectivity while still having a slim body, not to mention a state-of-the-art panoramic camera. This enables the user to capture up to a 270-degree view in one photograph, and the idea is quite popular. “I really like the new panoramic camera,” said Sophomore Megan Hawkins. “I feel like it will be a lot easier to take pictures with it.” An additional feature that has received much talk is something that Apple is calling the Lightning Connector; in other words it’s a new charger. It’s smaller, and completely reversible, but there’s been much controversy over the fact that its not adaptable with the previous chargers without further cost. Sophomore Omran Elomari said, “I really don’t like the new charger, because it’s not really easily compatible with other Apple devices.” Others, like Senior Cole Hamilton, who already have the iPhone 5, say they like the new design of the charger. “I think the charger is a lot better because you can flip flop it. It doesn’t matter which way it gets plugged into the phone,” says Cole. Junior Austin Osborne likes it as well, because it’s easier to “plug in in the dark.” Although some might be clamoring to get their hands on the amazing new iPhone, many are not as excited. “It’s overpriced, and just not that special in general. I won’t be buying it anytime soon,” says Abello. And there are other complaints as well. “As soon as I buy this model, there will just be another newer, better model coming out,” said Sophomore Louie Victa. “Plus, I have a perfectly good iPhone 4s that doesn’t need to be replaced.” Is it too soon for Apple to come out with a new iPhone? Some say yes, while others say no. Some say they don’t even need to come out with a newer model, because the 4s is enough.