Is Facebook Dying?

When students were asked, “Is Facebook dying?” all answered without hesitation: “Yes.” Many say that they think the reason behind it is because “People are moving on to other things like Instagram,” said Marie Ashby, a senior. “People are more into Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr,” Senior Ariela Lewis said. “It’s becoming the new Myspace,”. This is becoming true because after Facebook became open to the public since originally Facebook was only open for college students. Facebook became the new thing instead of Myspace, and took the fame away because everyone just had to have a Facebook account. But as new social networks come out, people are moving on from Facebook and trying new things. That is making Facebook slowly fade away, just as Myspace did. Some students are still part of the Facebook network. “I hardly go on it anymore, its a waste of my time,” said Adrienne Samuels, a junior. “Barely no one goes on it anymore, so I don’t go on it,” said Klay Saeteurn, a senior. There are many possibilities on why people stopped using Facebook as much as they used too, but one of the main reasons that keeps coming up after everyone’s comments on why they don’t use Facebook as much is because of Instagram. Another reason why Facebook users are not using it as much is because their friends or family members don’t log on as often as they did; therefore, people don’t find Facebook as useful. There are many parents that do not like the fact that their child has a Facebook account, or any other social network account. But since many teens have a Facebook, many parents are also making a Facebook account, adding their child. From there, parents can keep an eye on what their child is doing, making Facebook less cool. Then again, this can be the reason why teens are moving on from Facebook and going to Twitter and Instagram. Many think Facebook will not come back to being as popular as it used to be. But then again, some people only use Facebook to stay connected with family members or friends that may be in a different country or state. In those cases, texting can take that place of Facebook. For example, iPhones have Facetime, a feature that allows you to video call other iPhones. People also can stay connected by video chat in other ways.