Olive Garden Is The Place To Be

Anchorage Alaska has been in need of a phenomenon. Finally, the cold town was gifted with the restaurant of the gods: Olive Garden. Nothing is more satisfying than the wonderful taste of the Italian cuisine that Olive Garden has to offer. From first entering through the doors you immediately have a feel of the Italian atmosphere due to the soft music playing and the fresh smell of bread roaming around you. Alaska was just presented with this restaurant that has had a high demand for nearly a year now. The Olive Garden that has opened on Dimond has replaced the former location of O’Brady’s. The service at the recently opened location was slightly slower than you would appreciate, yet the great food that comes ahead makes up for it. Senior Courtney Brown said, “I went there just last week when it opened and the service was pretty slow, but I guess that is just because it was super crowded and they weren’t used to that yet. The food was still delicious so that’s what matters. I will probably come back either way.” After a little wait is when you receive the complimentary breadsticks and any choice of sauce. “The breadsticks were definitely my favorite things there,” Brown said. Try not to replenish your stomach just yet, because that is only the beginning. Once you are ready to order your entree they also give you a choice of soup or salad, both of which are of large portions. Finally, your meal arrives. Whether it is shrimp scampi, five cheese ziti or breaded chicken, you will not go wrong. “I could probably eat everything on that menu,” Sophomore Chance Peters said, “It is seriously the best food I have ever had, it’s so freaky how good it tastes.” There is no way you could leave Olive Garden with an empty stomach. “There was this deal where you would get a second meal free, and I got the five cheese ziti pasta and it was so good. All I had to do was take it home and bake it and it tastes just as good if not better. The only bad thing was that it was a little bit of a wait to get in, but other than that it was pretty tasty,” Junior Brittanie Peters said. After the plentiful meal you will find yourself up against a life-changing question: How about dessert? Yet another delightful assortment of goodies and sweets. “The cake was amazing,” Dimond Counselor Pete Mandel said. “I have never had something that tasted as delicate as that triple layer cake. It will probably be the most memorable moment in your entire life, and I am not exaggerating.” Why not box up the rest of your meal and treat yourself to a triple chocolate strata cake? At Olive Garden anyone can spoil themselves. Now it’s your turn to take a trip if you haven’t yet. It wouldn’t hurt.