Pretty Little Liars, ‘A’ Cliffhanger Season Finale

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } If you ask a teenage girl if she’s ever heard of “Pretty Little Liars”, you will almost always hear yes. Even in other countries, like Denmark, teenagers still have heard of the show and maybe even watch it themselves. The main reasons teenagers enjoy Pretty Little Liars is that it’s so dramatic. It often leaves viewers on the edge of their seat asking what comes next. At the end of every episode, there is a cliffhanger, whether it be a minor one or a major one. A major cliffhanger that everyone is wondering about would be the one at the end of the very last episode of season three. Many people are asking if Toby is really working with “A.” When asked about her opinion, Sophomore Breanna Jingco said, “No, I think Toby is just playing the ‘A-team’, he loves Spencer too much to actually be helping them.” On the other hand, Sophomore Varian Oatman said, “I don’t know.He could be part of them or just helping Emily and Spencer and the rest of the girls.” Okay, so Toby may or may not be helping the ‘A-team’, but who’s behind the ‘A-team’, who is the leader ‘A’? “ Ali,” says Oatman. “In the books Ali’s twin sister is actually the one killed, not Ali herself, so it could be the real Ali.” Exchange student Louise Mortensen agrees with Oatman. “In Denmark we are a season behind, but I did hear something about a twin actually being ‘A’, but I’m not sure.” You could even be so confused about what it going on that you have no idea who ‘A’ might be, like Jingco. “ I honestly have no idea who ‘A’ is, it could be anyone,” she said. In the last few episodes of season three, a new character came into play, her name is Maggie. Maggie was Ezra’s girlfriend in high school and Ezra’s mother paid her to leave his life for good when she found out Maggie was pregnant. Aria, Ezra’s current girlfriend, found out about Maggie from Ezra’s brother Wesley. She also found out that Ezra is her son’s father, and Ezra has no idea that she knows. When Aria was about to tell Ezra everything, guess who shows up at his door. That’s right, Maggie. Maggie comes in and sees Aria. When Ezra leaves to go talk to his neighbor, they have a little chat. While watching, you can sense a little tension and jealousy. It’s as if you can tell something major might happen. When asked if they think anything is going to happen between Aria and Ezra because of Maggie, Jingco said, “That’s a hard one. Aria and Ezra love each other a lot, but if and when Ezra finds out he has a son, it might cause a bit of tension between them if he decides to see his son.” On the other hand, Oatman says, “No. They love each other too much.” Besides the TV show, “Pretty Little Liars” is also a book series. Oatman is the only one interviewed who has read the series. Dimond’s librarian, Suzanne Metcalfe, says she has seen a decline in the number of times the books have circulated around the school. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } “ There used to be people lined up outside my office asking me to get this book and to get that book, but now there’s not. It’s as if the series is fizzling out,” Metcalfe said. All good series’ and TV shows have to come to an end. When asked what they will do when Pretty Little Liars does end, students were in disagreement. Oatman said, “I’ll be fine. It is a guilty pleasure, but I’ll still be okay when it ends.” On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, Jingco said, “I’ll die! All the drama gone! It’s too entertaining to end! I’ll die if it ends!”