What Would You Do If You Were Switched At Birth?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to grow up as someone else? To live a completely different life than yours simply because you’re jealous? Now look at it differently. Say you didn’t have a choice. Say you had no clue you weren’t living the life you were supposed to. That’s exactly how it is for Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez on the TV show “Switched at Birth.” As you can guess from the title, they were switched at birth. Bay grew up with a rich family, but always felt different, as if she didn’t belong. Daphne, on the other hand, grew up poor, raised by a single mother having to pay for hearing aids and everything else that goes along with being deaf. Once they discovered they were switched at birth, both girls decide to meet their real family. Soon after, both families are friends and neighbors. How would feel if you found out you were switched at birth? Would you want to know your real family? When asked this question, Sophomore Emily Carey said, “Yes. I would like to know them, but not live with them. It would be too awkward living in a house with complete strangers who were your family you never knew.” On the other hand, Sophomore Samantha Plett said, “Yes. I would want to know them and live with them. But with better conditions than in the TV show, it’s chaotic.” Now imagine your child was switched at birth with someone else’s, what would you do? Plett said, “[I would do] what they are doing in the show, everything except suing the hospital.” Carey said, “I would do anything in my power to find the child. If I found out when the child was young I would give them back, but if they were old I would try to find a way for the families to be together.” When asked if she agreed with the Kennishes’ decision to sue the hospital, Carey said, “Yes. I would want to make sure that it doesn’t happen ever again.” On the other hand, Plett said, “No. They had gotten past it and the nurse who switched them was way overworked.” Being switched at birth, you can guess that Bay and Daphne’s lives are pretty messed up. This has led the girls to making bad choices. Daphne started dating her boss, Chef Jeff. She is 16, Chef Jeff is 27. Do you think Daphne and Chef Jeff should continue dating? For this question, Plett and Carey were on the same page. Plett said, “No, because she’s only 16 and he’s like 40.” Carey said, “No, Jeff is a player, he’s creepy, and he’s way wrong for her. Plus he’s too old.” Bay has also made some bad decisions. She now does ‘street art’ and recently met Zarra, another street artist. Zarra is 19 and even though she’s older, in no way would she make a good role model. Zarra is constantly running from the police or other street artists that hold a grudge against her. Bay’s dad John Kennish found out about her graffiti and was absolutely appalled. Bay was so tired of it she ran away to Zarra’s, and they ran away for Mexico. Nearing the Mexican border, Zarra and Bay were robbed. That didn’t stop them. They continued on their journey and one night when they were asleep in Bay’s car, John found them. Bay and John had a heart to heart and in the meantime, Zarra ran away with the rest of their money. Bay has no clue if Zarra will make it to Mexico and has no way to contact her. She can only hope that she makes it there okay. What do you think will happen to Zarra? Carey said, “I think she’ll end up in a bad place.” On the other hand, Plett said, “She’ll meet her dad and become a famous Cuban artist.”