What’s Happening in Drama Club

With Dimond’s first play finished, students are looking forward to the next one. Being involved with Dimond’s plays are fun because students “Get to meet new people and get use to speaking in front of other people,” said Senior Aaron Young, who played Prince Charming in Dimond’s production of Cinderella . The play’s director was Dimond’s Science teacher Wilma Keller. Keller said, “ The next play is ‘Night Watch’ by Lucille Fletcher. It is a suspense thriller and will keep you guessing until the very end.” Keller said, “I have been directing plays at Dimond since spring of 2003 for a total of 24 shows so far. I have directed plays other places before that and I have been acting for about as long as I have been able to walk and talk.” Junior Amara Meierhoff said, “The best thing about being in Cinderella was getting to meet people with similar interests.” Senior Katie Kampen auditioned for a role in Cinderella because “I just really like acting and trying new things. Last year I auditioned [for another play] and it was worth it. I love the theater in general. [The plays are] a good way to meet new people that you probably wouldn’t have met before.” Kampen played the role of Cinderella’s step-sister Portia. The play’s lead role, Cinderella, was played by Sophomore Samantha Paskvan. When she auditioned she had no idea she would get the lead role. “ I was hoping to get a townsperson. I had no idea it was possible [I would be the lead],” she said. This was her first play. Junior Gage Raymond auditioned for the play because “I really want to get into filmmaking when I grow up. Whether it is acting or behind the camera, it is a lot of fun.” Junior Mari-Celia Tavoliero said she acts because of “the thrill that you get when you’re on stage, the acknowledgement. Being able to be someone else for a little bit is fun.” Cinderella was Meierhoff’s first major role in a play. She played the Queen. Meierhoff said, “I auditioned for the play to gain experience. I didn’t think I was going to make it in because a lot of talented people auditioned.” Being involved in the plays is “a great way to have a blast and make lifelong friends,” said Sophomore Emily Carey. The actors are not the only important part of the play. Even though they are sometimes overlooked, the pit orchestra works really hard to make the play outstanding. Sophomore James Homsley joined the pit orchestra because “the part needed to be covered.” Homsley played both the oboe and alto saxophone for the play. Freshman Kelsey Kroon plays the trombone. She said, “The music was really hard because it was professional music, but it was really fun and everyone got really close.” Sophomore Rachael Warner was the stage manager for Cinderella. She did light cues, sound cues and told people when to go and where they needed to be. She helped make the set and helped Keller.