Battle of the Phones: iPhone vs. Android

With new technological advancements being made in the modern world, one of the biggest achievements is the cellphone. In the midst of the competition of top cell phones, two companies have risen up and are battling each other for the honors: Apple’s iPhone, and Google’s Android. As of recently, more and more people are getting iPhones. Megan Romo, a senior at Dimond High School, is among them. She said:“I love my iPhone. It’s so easy to use and never has any problems.” Would she would ever switch to an Android? “ Never,” Romo said. “There is no way an Android could be better then my iPhone.” Clayton Nadon, also a senior, is one of the few students to own an Android. “Android allows much more freedom then an iPhone. I can customize it just how I like it, and it really feels like it’s my phone. I prefer it much more then iPhones,” Nadon said. Each phone has its own features. Aminata Cole, another iPhone owner, said, “I like the camera, because I can take pictures and save memories. I also like Siri, it is really helpful.” Siri, an iPhone 4s feature, is built in software that allows easier problem solving by talking into the phone. Both the Android and iPhone have cameras. Amy Andreson, a senior and Android owner at Dimond, was asked what her favorite feature of her Android was. “My favorite feature is free music,” Andreson said. “There are many apps on the Android that allow free music downloads. I love not paying for music.” iPhones have a music downloader called iTunes, but no apps that allow free music to be downloaded right to the phone. Having opinions from both sides of the story, it was time to interview a neutral phone user. Most teenage students have smartphones, but Mallory Stutzer has a 2004 Nokia phone, and has never had an Android or an iPhone. When I asked her which phone she would take if she were granted the opportunity, she said, “I would pick an iPhone. “Most of my friends have iPhones and I have heard great things about them. Not very many people have Androids, and I would feel alone in the Android world. I would want to fit in with everyone and having an iPhone would help that,” Stutzer said. After hearing this, it’s obvious that cell phones have gone from being just a phone to being a social icon. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites on the rise, having either an Android or iPhone is required for most teenagers. As of which is better, there is no clear answer. As of what students think at Dimond, the iPhone seems to be much more popular.