Dimond High Students Working Hard

Freshman Britni Bolton works customer service at Pump it Up. Some students do not just have school to worry about, there are a number of things that keep them busy, such as sports, music and jobs. Senior Brittany Town works at a tanning salon. When asked what the perks are of working there she said, “I get free tans in levels 1 and 2, and after I have worked there for three months I can have unlimited tanning in any bed. I also get free tickets to the Thursday night fights, but I work on Thursdays and can never go.” She works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, usually about 13.5 hours a week. “My work does not really interfere with school, because I am able to do my homework while it is not busy,” she said. “The only dislike I have about working is that I can’t come home after school and take a nap.” She got the job after her friend Kala Jenkins had to quit, and she kindly recommended her to the boss. The only downfall to her job is sometimes she has to clean up after smelly people when they are finished tanning. Freshman Britni Bolton works customer service at Pump it Up. “I like working there, because a lot of my friends do too. I only work weekends, because weekdays I have homework,” Bolton said. Lem Wheeles, Honors U.S. History teacher and Student Government advisor, had a job during his time attending Dimond High. “I worked at an ice factory during the summers,“ he said. “The first summer I worked the machine that made block ice that would later be crushed and bagged.” “The second summer I worked from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. in the freezer and bagged the crushed ice instead of making the large blocks. My first summer I made around $6 an hour and the second I made $8 an hour.” Senior Byron Lowe has a total of three jobs. He works at Skateland, his mother’s assisted living home and a restaurant. In total he works 27 hours a week between the three. “I work for my mom’s assisted living home and I do not receive money, but she pays for my car insurance.” “My other two jobs are for spending money, gas and clothes.” “I got the job at Skateland when I turned in an application while I was at a friend’s birthday and they called me at the birthday party and interviewed me right after and said I got the job.” “I start out at minimum wage at Skateland and after a month I will get a raise. At the restaurant I get $8.75 since I have worked there for over a year.” “The craziest thing that has happened at Skateland so far is that I had to break up a fight between a mom and a boy. The boy had been picking on the mom’s daughter.” “Skateland is a really great place to work, because I get to skate for free anytime I want and I am getting really good at it.”