Winter Driving Preparations

’Tis the season that many Alaskan drivers dread. Winter weather has infesting Alaska and many Dimond students are in the phase of driving preparations. “My biggest preparation is watching for terrible drivers who are not prepared for the snow. My 2004 Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter drives smoothly in the winter as long as I’m in four wheel drive with studded tires,” said Alex Burgh, a senior. Some of the most important preparations include: schedule a maintenance check-up for the automobiles tires and pressure, oil, battery, lights, brakes, belts and hoses, heater/ defroster, exhaust system, ignition system and wipers. These are vital for winter driving. Getting a regular check-up might just save you from a serious accident. “I just took my Chevy Cavalier in for a check-up and to put on my studded tires,”said Kally Greene-Gudmundson, a senior. “I don’t drive but if I was I would drive like an old grandma,” said MeganHawkins, a sophomore. “I am not prepared for this winter. I need to get my snow tires on and I also needto buy an ice scrapper for my window,” said Emily Goodrum, a senior. In order to drive without accidents one must drive for the conditions of the road. Go slow in a snowstorm or if roads are icy, stay alert and keep a generous distance from you to other cars. “I am going to keep aware of moose. My mom and I almost hit one last year. It was scary,” said Rene Vania, a senior. In the winter moose are drawn to plowed roads because it is easier for them towalk. This is not a good thing for drivers, especially in the dark Alaskanwinters. “I cannot wait for the ice to cover the roads so I can go drifting,” said Mathew Norton, a junior. Drifting is something many Dimond students are excited for. For instance, Senior, James Barber said, “I can’t wait until we get more snow, drifting around corners isone of the things I look forward to in the winter.” People who like to drift usually go to an empty icy parking lot and practice their throttle, steering and brake skills. This isn’t all fun and games; in the process of drifting you learn how to control your car on icy roads. “I don’t have a whole lot to prepare for, I’ve already done everything I needed to. I am just going to drive as safe as possible,” said Mallory Stutzer, a senior.