Half days and Weekends

Would you rather have a half day once a week, or no school on Fridays? Here are a few student’s opinions. Sophomore Sharleen Sanchez said, “I think half days are relaxing and pointless I like that the classes are short because you aren’t as bored in class.” Sanchez says having half days should happen more often like at least once a week because you get out of school earlier. Sanchez said she’d rather have no school on Fridays because that makes it a three-day weekend. Senior JonJon Velasco said, “No I don’t think half days are pointless because in some classes they still teach children criteria per class period.” Velasco states he likes half days because “periods are short so I get to go home earlier and do what I got to do.” Velasco would rather have half days once a week instead of a three-day weekend. “Half days once a week because I still want to learn,” He said. Velasco agrees with having half days at least once a week so that he can have something to look forward to during the week. Senior Jossaiah Lotino said, “At school I tend to not really care because the day’s about to be over soon so why care about half days, I usually get to sleep longer when I get home from school.” Lotino prefers “no school on Fridays. Why have a half day when you could have no school on Fridays, because on half days you only get half the education.” Lotino says on weekend he sets his homework to the side, then rushes it on Sunday night. It would be best if there was no school Fridays so there would be three-day weekends every week. Monday is so far from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday.