Pretty Little Liars Returns

On Tuesday, January 8, the winter season of “Pretty Little Liars” premiered on the ABC Family network. Students of Dimond were more than excited to see the return of the show. This show is compelling to the young audience at Dimond since they are able to relate their drama to that of the show’s. Junior Caitlynn Dubie said, “The only reason I was excited to go to school on Monday was because I knew ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was coming back on Tuesday.” Sophomore Muhammad Cole agrees. “I love ‘Pretty Little Liars’, it’s the best show ever.” Since the first episode, the show has been full of twists and turns that compels the audience to watch. The plot follows four high school girls through their last two years of high school in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. The girls are continually haunted by “A” by both online means and in person. Lexi Cook, a junior, said “I love the way the show is super suspenseful. It keeps me guessing and I never know what’s going to happen next.” Many students agree this season has not been a disappointment. Although Senior Cory Chan said the season premier was “not that exciting,” he agrees “the next few episodes were really exciting.” Because the show is based on four high school girls, it is more focused on the female audience. In addition, the show tends to have a flair for the dramatic, making it similar to a soap opera. However, there are a couple of guys that like to keep up with the show. Junior Ryan Estaban said, “This show is always entertaining because of the conflicts that the main characters run into during the search for their missing friend.” Senior Matt Weiss discussed some of the things he does not like about the show. “I do not find the show a very fun to watch since we have enough suspenseful events that go one during life at Dimond High School,” Weiss said. Junior Jenny Wilcox disagrees. “The drama is what makes the show interesting and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. This season in particular has been really interesting because of all the drama with Mona,” she said. In the recent season, Mona, who was previously revealed as “A” (the person that stalks the girls), was released and cleared return to the girls’ high school. As expected, the girls are less than happy to see the return of their tormentor, and this makes for many catfights and secrets. If you like murder mysteries, drama, secrets, frenemies or anything remotely related to all of the above, “Pretty Little Liars” is the show to watch.