Dimond has a New Bell Schedule

A. J. Dimond High School once again has a new bell schedule. At the beginning of thisschool year a warning bell was added two minutes before class starts. Now the announcements have been moved from third hour to first hour. Thebell schedule has changed because the two minutes in third hour set aside forthe announcements have been moved to first hour which changes the ending timefor first hour. It also changes the start and end time for second hour. Thirdhour starts two minutes later than before but ends at the same time. Theannouncements being moved was “an idea that Student Government proposed,” saidDimond’s principal Cheryl Guyett. LastOctober, during the makeup exit exams announcements were moved to first hour sothe testing was not disturbed. It was during that time Senior Mallory Stutzercame to Dimond’s Student Government teacher Lem Wheeles. Stutzercame up with the idea if people are late to first hour then they will not missas much learning time because of the announcements are taking up that time. “Alot of people complain that announcements during third hour is breaking up theday. [Announcements in first hour] are a better way to start off the day and itis the same with middle and elementary schools,” said Stutzer. Stutzertalked to Wheeles and the Student Government class took a vote and it was“overwhelmingly in favor,” said Wheeles. The idea was then taken to the faculty forum. That isa meeting that is held once a month and includes all teachers, said Wheeles. Theidea was discussed there and they talked about the positive and negativeeffects of moving the announcements. Everyone thought it was a good idea, saidGuyett. Guyetthas seen no disruption in the office. Thebell schedule cannot be changed with the flip of a switch. The bells areprogramed outside of the building. The bell schedule for first, second andthird hour had to be changed for the Tuesday through Friday, Monday andassembly schedule bells, said Guyett. FreshmanJulie DuClos said, “By now I really like the two minute bell, but I don’t likehaving announcements in the morning.” DimondMath teacher Nate Normandin said, “I think it’s kinda nice having them in themorning.” MackenzieHeatherly, a sophomore, said, “I like the announcements in the morning. That iswhat I have always been used to.” SophomoreEmily Carey said she likes the announcements in the morning because, “It givesyou time to adjust and it’s like the daily news in the morning, like the TodayShow in your ears.” Outof any time of the day DuClos would rather have announcement in third hour,“because I’m ready to listen to the announcements.” Studentswere asked why they think announcements were moved to first hour. DuClossaid, “I actually have no good guess. Maybe because they wanted to get themover with because they thought it was disrupting class.” Heatherlysaid, “Maybe because they think students will listen better.”