Valentine’s Day: An American Tradition

What would I answer, if somebody asked me what I think of Valentine’s Day? This question I’m not sure of what I would answer. I don’t love it, it but I don’t hate it either. In Denmark, where I’m from, we don’t really celebrate it. We know what it is, but a lot of people just think it’s a silly, exaggerated, American thing to celebrate. Pernille Nielsen, a student in Denmark, said, “I think it’s just a normal day like every other day. It’s not as special as in U.S.A.” But there are a lot of different opinions, even in a small country like Denmark. I think it’s a cute idea, a day to spoil whoever you feel like spoiling, because you care for them. “Well, I think it’s really romantic and if you have a girlfriend I’m sure she would love if her boyfriend made Valentine something special and spoil her to the max.” said another Danish student, Michelle Kirkelund. Even though not many people celebrate Valentine’s Day in Denmark, the stores still put out decorations. The colors and decoration I combine with Valentine’s Day are red roses, pink hearts and teddy bears with hearts saying ‘I love you’. I know, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I’m really excited to see how they do it over here, in America, and how much people put into it. “Personally I don’t celebrate it, but It would properly be nice to celebrate the day with a boyfriend or girlfriend” said Pailin Nielsen, from Denmark. I don’t think it has to be celebrated with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be with your friends, family or whoever you like to be with and love. Nielsen also said, “You could also celebrate it with your closest friends, because you still love them.” I think it’s important on a day like that to celebrate it with people you care about. “If you have a boyfriend you should definitely celebrate, if you don’t have a boyfriend you should sit home and eat comfort food,” said Kirkelund. Love is a word with a lot of different meanings. It can be something you love to do, somebody or something you love or somebody you’re in love with. Even though I think it’s a cute idea, I don’t think I would ever start celebrating it because it’s never been a tradition in my home or family. I do remember when I was younger and thought it was really sweet and adorable, I couldn’t understand why we didn’t celebrate it in my country, since we all lived in the same world.