Students Compete for Mr., Ms. Dimond Title

The 2013 Mr. and Ms. Dimond winners are Senior Matthew Falconer and Junior Heidi Andrus. They both won various prizes including prom tickets, and of course the titles Mr. and Ms. Dimond as well as the bragging rights that come with those titles. After intense competition, judges Dimond English teacher Cullen Lickenteller, Dimond PE teacher Catherine Fisher and PTSA president Kathryn Eckhof made their decision. In the overall competition during the Sadie Hawkins assembly, the events consisted of a Barbie and Ken fashion show, a maroon and gold fashion show and a talent show. Have you ever wondered how the courts for dances are picked? For the Mr. and Ms. Dimond competition, students try out rather than being selected. How does someone try out, you wonder? Senior Megan Romo said, “There’s a paper that you fill out with your name, GPA, and talent then you sign up for auditions and the top eight scores graded from 1-10 are picked to be in the competition.” Romo also said, “There are quick hitters at lunch to decide the final six that get to compete at the assembly.” This year’s quick hitters consisted of an agility challenge, an Oreo challenge and a random questions session. Wondering if you’re the right person to try out? Here’s what the Sadie Hawkins competitors had to say when asked why they decided to try out. Sophomore Olivia Canadine said, “I find myself to be very spirited and I thought it would be fun and a good experience.” Falconer said, “I’ve done the talent show for the last couple of years, and I saw that they were short on guys so I thought I would volunteer my abilities.” Sophomore Emily Carey said, “It’s one of the memories you’ll keep forever, plus it’s out of my comfort zone.” Senior Alfonso Guzman said, “Megan Romo asked me to.” Not sure if your talent is good enough? When asked what their talents were, the competitors had a variety of answers. Falconer said, “Beatboxing.” Canadine said, “I have a group talent with Emily Carey. We’re doing ‘synchronized’ painting.” Senior Rebecca Hoshaw said, “I do a self-defense scene from Miss Congeniality that relates to the dances at Dimond.” Guzman said, “I dance.” When asked if they had ever been on a court before, all were in agreement. Carey said, “No.” Falconer said, “No.” Canadine said, “No,” as well as Hoshaw and Guzman. In fact, none of them had even tried out before. Also amongst the competition were the school mascot: the lynx, junior Heidi Andrus, and senior Matthew Froelich, all of whom were unavailable for comments. After the quick hitters were finished, Emily Carey and the Lynx were eliminated.