Valentin’s is it love?

Zen Stephens period 6 Journalism 1 Valentine’s Day- curse or blessing Some would say you can smell the love in the air. Others would say you can smell the vile smell of heartbreak. It’s Valentine’s Day a holiday on February 14 each year. This Hallmark holiday would seem it was created to bring something warm and cheerful to this cold month. Freshman Colton Stephens said, “I’d wear a bow tie and get my date chocolate and a teddy bear.” He thinks it’s a cool holiday to spend with someone special and you should enjoy it. Someone who would disagree with Colton is Christian Carrigan, another freshman student who referred to himself as “Lady repellent” saying he has always had problems with the ladies and the only thing he likes about Valentine’s Day is the candy. He even went to say, “I buy myself candy each year on Valentine’s Day because I enjoy getting myself a treat and I like to beat the post Valentine’s candy rush.” He thinks it might not Stephens said his holiday jam would be, “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by the band Aerosmith. Carrigan said his dream Valentine’s song would be, “Single Ladies” by famous singer Beyonce. Carrigan said, “Many songs could go with this day but seeings i’m lonely I’ll jam out to a jam for single people. I think that if I had a lady I would have something more romantic.” Carrigan said any suit from the 70’s will clean you up and give a nice classy feel. Stephens said bow tie and short shorts would be proper attire to attract any lady. Carrigan said, “We would dress up and go to the disco. Afterward we would go out and enjoy a nice dinner. My dad said he would disown me if I ever took a women out and went out to mcdonalds or some burger joint.” Stephens said if you’re feeling dancing and food that can be fun. Sometimes it might be special to be original and try to do something sweet. Stephens told us about his plans and he said, “I’m not too sure yet but I see some love in the future. I hope to make it a day to remember and maybe it will be fun. But if stuff doesn’t work out it’s cool I guess I can be lonely with Chris.” Carrigan explained his plan, he said, “I will be with my pals or by myself. Either way I know I have my candy at the end of the day. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get. Hahaha I just had to say that quote. It’s my favorite chocolate quote. For real though I hope to find love.” What is Valentine’s meant for? I think it’s that one day of they year when you can call romantic actions love and not PDA. Whether it’s love or heartbreak in the air, This holiday can make memories and seems people had a lot to say.