Have You Been Struck By Cupid’s Arrow?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday centered around love. It didn’t seem like it in elementary school, however. Back then it was all about the candy. Everyone gave eachother a Valentine and candy, and no one was left out. It didn’t matter whether you liked someone or if they were your friend, you gave one to them anyways. Now that I’m older, Valentine’s Day is about being in a relationship or being in love with someone. I think that Valentine’s Day is only fun when you are in a relationship or you’re in love. When you’re in love it’s a fun night to be together and get flowers and candy. But, if you aren’t with anybody, it can be a lonely and sad day. When asked what she thought about Valentine’s Day, senior Jasmine Martin said “It depends on if you’re in love or not. It’s depressing if you are alone, but if you are with someone it is more fun.” Senior Emily Owen said “I like it, if nothing else it’s free chocolate day. People think there’s a lot of pressure when there isn’t. It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend, it’s just a fun day and everyone is happy.” I guess this day can either be seen as good or bad, depending on the person and how they feel about it. But, there can also be certain expectations that people have, which can add a lot of pressure. If you are with someone, it’s nice to have a day together and celebrate, but you may also feel the pressure of doing something like saying “I love you”. “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be with a boyfriend, it can be with someone you love or cherish to make them feel special. Valentine’s Day is a day to show affection,” said senior Siana Cain. “I think it’s a great way to celebrate love for one another; family, friends, or even boyfriend and girlfriend. It shows that we all really do care for one another no matter the relationship,” said senior Ashlyn Dye. It’s nice to show the people around you how you feel. “I don’t have a boyfriend so I don’t think it is a good holiday,” said freshman Kelsey Kroon. This is the opposite point of view, because a lot of people really do view this holiday as one for relationships. I think that this is the most common ideal for the holiday. Senior Haley Martin said it is a “hallmark holiday, but it’s cute to see what people come up with.” People sometimes get really creative with this day, which is a fun way to look at it. “I think it is a good way for couples to connect and celebrate their love for each other! Even though couples should show that everyday, it’s always nice to celebrate it,” said senior Victoria Hill. You can never tell someone you love them too many times, or show them to much. Senior Veronica Janezich said “it is a chance for new relationships to blossom and to renew the spark in old relationships. It’s a holiday that makes a person feel special and loved.” A lot of people choose this holiday to start a connection with someone because they think that because it is Valentine’s day it might help their chances. Senior Nick Havelock said “It’s cute but there doesn’t need to be one day to show you love someone, you should show them everyday.” I agree with this, you should show affection to the one you love everyday, but it is also nice that there is a special day dedicated to love. Senior Ryan Hellenga said “I am a romantic so I love Valentine’s day, I mean I show my affection on a day to day, but Valentine’s Day is a day to go over the top.” This holiday is fun for those who love to go over the top and show their love in an extra special way. There are a lot of different opinions on Valentine’s Day, but overall I think that it just depends a how each person view’s love, relationships, and the meaning of the day.