Dream First Date

Perfect Date As we all know every person is different, which means that everyone’s dream date and dream person is different as well. With Valentine’s Day approaching, people are beginning thinking what their perfect date would be. A date can be anything from dinner and a movie to surfing in the ocean: there are no limits. “Sky diving while holding hands would be a dream come true,” said Senior, Matt Marino, “If I felt a strong connection then I would that they are my soulmate.” An adrenaline filled date is the perfect romantic setting for some people. Jude Nichols and Jalen Martinez feel no need for such extreme dates. For them, their perfect date would be to rent out twenty-four acres of land in Tibet and they would play on those acres of land all day. “After, we would cuddle and watch the Notebook with hot-chocolate and marshmallows and use only one straw. That’s what is romantic,” says Nichols. Byron Lowe, a senior at Dimond High School, enjoys the classic romantic scene. A walk on the beach and then a picnic in the back of his truck. Lowe says they would eat lots of salt and vinegar chips. “I would like to meet the love of my life at the time I need her most…which is now,” says Lowe. Kerrick Eagle really sees himself enjoying a first date playing paint ball somewhere in the Middle East. “I would only go on a second date if I won,” says Eagle, “The best first date attire is a white robe with red lace trim. I really like the element of surprise in a date and in a woman.” Along with a perfect date is the perfect mate. Kimberly Germaine has had the perfect man picked out for since the age of two. “He has to be six feet tall, have brown hair, be tan but not too tan, and wear khaki pants and plaid shirt every day. Basically, he has to look good,” says Germaine. Germaine’s dream date would be to go surfing in the ocean and then build a sand castle where they could fantasize about their lives together while living in a castle. Unlike many people, Tia Lowe already knows who she will end up with. His name is Harry Styles and he is a part of the band, One Direction. Their first date will be in the near future and they will spend it in Cheshire, England where his family lives. “He’s going to introduce me to his mom, Anne, his sister, Gemma, and his cat. Her name is Molly,” says Tia Lowe. “We are very excited.” Love can happen in many ways and different times. Love takes everyone by surprise. The first date can be a crucial step to a relationship and doing what you dream to do can show who you really are inside and out.