Night Watch, Raging Thriller

Night Watch Elaine and John Wheeler are a married couple who live a very complex life. The play starts in the middle of their lives and creates an almost impossible role to decipher. Throughout the play, they are daunted with shocking twists and turns that end with a surprise murder. Overall, the play was very well written and the acting was good. I was impressed with the main characters and the way they handled their parts. The set was also very well crafted. The one main difference I noticed with the two plays we’ve had so far, is the size of the audience. There were quite a few that showed up on the same day that I did, but it wasn’t nearly as many that showed up for Cinderella. I decided that after the play was over, I’d interview some of the cast members. When asked what they thought of the play, every single person that I interviewed, said that they thought the play went phenomenally. When asked who her favorite character was, Dimond Junior Mari Tavoliero (Elaine Wheeler) said Helga, because she was so funny. Taoliero had one of the lead roles in this play and she said it was one of the first serious plays she’d acted in. Although she prefers comedies, she was happy to have gotten to play a crazy woman. She said the hardest part of her role was “not to laugh!” When asked who his favorite character was, Dimond junior Julien Kimball (John Wheeler) said Elaine, because she’s such a complex character. This was actually Julien’s first lead role in a play since he’d begun acting his freshman year. When I asked him what he liked best about acting, he said, “It lets me forget about everything else. Time, homework, everything.” Junior Mikaela Mendoza, who helped with the stage, said that she thought the crew did a great job. Also, she said she noticed it was harder to prepare for shows that were more acting, and less singing. When we discussed some of the cast members, she said “if there was a picture next to the word gentlemen, Julien Kimball’s face would be that picture.” You can see how close all of the actors and stage members are. Since I aide for Wilma Keller (The play director), I always see the beginning, middle, and end of every production. Keller is a very busy woman and she impresses me every time, the way she dedicates her time to the theatre. When she was in her twenties, she also acted in this play, she said. Because she enjoyed it so much, she thought she’d hold the same play here at Dimond. She ,too, thought the play went well, although she would have liked a bigger audience.