Uggs at Dimond

Uggs at Dimond All over Anchorage, Ugg boots can be seen on the cold feet of many women, and even some men. Although the fashionability of Uggs is sometimes debated, these boots are undoubtedly one of the most popular articles of footwear right now. Is the somewhat bland styling of these fur-lined boots what is really in style? Is it worth busting out a hundred dollars for such a simple characterless design? I began my research by asking someone who owns several pairs of Uggs. Junior Maddy Guild said, “I really like my Uggs. I think they’re cute, not bland or ugly. The simple design works for them.” Not surprisingly, when asked the same question, Junior Brittanie Peters, another owner of Ugg boots, had almost the same response. “I think they’re pretty,” said Peters. “They’re comfortable, keep my feet warm and not ugly at all.” Although Uggs can be generally recognized in a beige or brown color, new iterations of the design have been introduced in several different colors that appear to be bedazzled as well. Sophomore Grant Jurasek shared what he thought of the boot. “I wore Uggs once for the ‘Dress as your Date’ spirit day, and I have got to say, they are very comfortable. I still don’t think they are the most attractive shoes you could wear.” said Jurasek. I asked him what he thought of “Man Uggs”, the nickname given to Uggs made for males. “To be honest, I didn’t even know they existed,” said Jurasek, “but I can not imagine that they would be particularly good looking.” I showed Jurasek pictures of the “Man Uggs” online, which included not only the classic Ugg boot, but additionally Ugg moccasins and slippers. “Wow, those are actually alright.” said Jurasek. “Can I change my answer? I actually like how those look.” I decided to see just how popular the Uggs are at Dimond. I asked Sophomore Callum Toohey how many pairs of Uggs he thought there were at school. “There’s got to be at least one hundred pairs of Uggs here. I could probably count that many in just one day actually,” said Toohey. I then made the decision to count the boots up myself. In just one day, I counted up a grand total of three hundred twelve pairs of Uggs worn by the female students of Dimond, and one pair worn by a male student, coming to three hundred thirteen pairs in all. “Wow, I honestly can’t believe that there are that many Uggs at Dimond. It’s crazy how popular they’ve become,” said Toohey when I shared the Ugg count. Maybe I’ll just have to try out a pair myself.