Warm Bodies Warms Hearts

Recently, a new movie hit theaters and the hearts of many. Warm Bodies is a romantic comedy about a zombie that falls in love with a simple human girl. From almost every student interviewed, the film received many positive reviews. “Warm Bodies” released itself in theaters February 1 and made a strong 20 million since its first night of showing. The film focuses on the development of characters Juliet (the human) and “R” (the zombie, of course). “Warm Bodies” received mix reviews on websites, yet landed with a fairly high rating of 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Junior Dakayla Walters said, “‘Warm Bodies’ was a really fun movie to watch. What I liked about it was that it wasn’t just for girls or couples, it was a fun movie [that I imagine] anybody could go and see. I’d definitely see it again sometime.” There were many other similar responses: “When I first saw the previews to the movie I thought it was kind of weird, I don’t usually like movies like that,” Junior Nikki Beardsly said. “But then after I started watching it I really got into it, and in the end it turned out really cute. The main actor also started to look a lot better near the end.” “Warm Bodies” is built off a strong cast consisting of Nicholas Hault, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry and Dave Franco. Sophomore Louie Victa said, “I really liked everybody who played in the movie. Except for the main character, most of them are popular so it was cool to see them. I especially liked the actress.” So far, the variety of people at Dimond High School give most of the same opinions on a particular film. This is a movie that began and finished all in one, so it is unlikely that there will be a sequel, yet there could always be the possibility for a prequel, stated IMDB. “I think zombie movies are always cool,” Walters said. “What made this movie even more worth seeing is that it is a different kind of zombie movie. It is not the usual where there are people trying to survive by killing all the bad-guy zombies, it is a story told from a zombie’s point of view. It is telling the story of how a zombie starts becoming human again. That interests me way more than the usual zombie horror film.” From my own point of view I completely enjoyed Warm Bodies. Like Walters I am in love with the zombie aspect of the movie and the uniqueness. To watch a movie that strays from the usual is always interesting because it gives more of a fascination to those who are used to the classic zombie film. I highly recommend anybody who finds the plot interesting to go and give it your attention.