Dancing Away At Prom

Dancing Away At Prom Prom is right before graduation one of the biggest events of the year, especially for seniors. This year’s prom is at the Eagen Center, as it was last year. Ticket prices have been raised since last year, however, in order to have the dance at Eagen Center again, since they raised the price for renting a room. The price for a couple is seventy-five, and single is fifty. While last year a couple cost fifty dollars and a single ticket was twenty-five. Although it was voted on whether prom would be at Dimond or the Eagen Center and have raised ticket prices, not everyone is happy about the decision. But, having it at a nicer location has its dues. “I don’t really want to spend that much money on tickets,” said Senior Jasmine Martin. HIgh schoolers generally don’t have a lot of money, especially for things such as tickets, when we already have to pay for dinner and dance attire. Senior Ryan Hellenga said “I think the raised ticket prices suck, hopefully prom will be better though, since it is at the Eagen Center, and should be much nicer”. The down side to having prom at the Eagen Center is raised ticket prices, but also the fact that we will not be able to have as many decorations as we would have been able to if the dance was at Dimond. “I’d rather go to prom at the Eagen Center and I would rather not have to pay more, but I understand why the price would be raised,” said Senior Ethan Gould. Having the dance at a fancier place increases the “ideal” of prom as seen on tv. Prom is designed and organized by the junior class every year. “This years theme is underwater,” says junior class vice-president Lauren Martens. Juniors pick the prom theme and deal with the setup and decorations. “I don’t know if I like that theme, I feel like it won’t look as classy and pretty, but who knows. I think that if it was at Dimond they could do a lot more decorations like they did two years ago,” said Senior Ashlyn Dye. If the dance was at Dimond their would be more money for decorations since it wouldn’t have to be spent on the venue. “Underwater theme is cool,” said Senior Victoria Hill. The theme does not have a huge effect on those attending the dance, it is only part of the scenery. Senior Jasmine Martin said “I think that the theme is going to be interesting but I wonder how they will decorate for it.” The decorations are a surprise every year, you never know what cool decorations will be made and used. “I really like the theme, because underwater is a common theme in most movies and tv shows. I think that it will be really fun, and it will make the night seem like a movie,” said Senior Amanda Amodemo. “I think the theme seems like it is kind of common,” said Senior Aaliyah Lewis. Underwater is in fact a theme in a lot of movies and tv shows, but just because it is common doesn’t mean that it can’t be different. Prom is looked forward to for many reasons. When asked what one was looking forward to the most about prom, Senior Victoria Hill said “I am looking forward to going in general, I think that all aspects of prom are fun, especially getting ready before with your friends and taking lots of pictures”. Senior Aaliyah Lewis says “I am looking forward to going with my friends.” Prom is known for going in big groups of people, and is not just all about the actual dance, but also getting ready and having dinner before. “My favorite part is getting dressed up, and getting to dance without the teachers bugging us, since it is the last dance of the year,” said Senior Ashlyn Dye. The rules are less strict for prom, making it more enjoyable for everyone to not be hassled and told what not to do. Teachers and staff are more lenient, making the night more enjoyable. Hopefully prom will be a memorable night for everyone, and the raised ticket prices will be worth it. We will see how the junior class decorates for the underwater theme!