Gangster Squad hits theatre

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; Gangster Squad at first appearence may seem like a movie filled with a bunch of ex cops that just go around killing people, but it is not only that. Although this movie is filled with foul language blood and gore there is a bright side to the story. Under all of the violence there lays something that some might call a love story. Throughout the story, the characters are played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, have an almost Romeo and Juliet like attraction that seems to in someways enhance the flow of the story line. “Yeah I’ve seen Gangster Squad and i think its a pretty sick movie,” said sophomore C.J Parker giving his oppinon on weather or not he would reccomend seeing the movie. Although this movie appears constantly on TV commercials and in movie previews it seems that some have not seen this critaclly aclaimed movie. “Whats gangster Squad? I’ve never even heard of it,” said Sophomore Abigail Hallenga when asked if she had seen the movie . I was very astonished when I heard her say this, so I began to wonder if there were more people that haven’t seen the movie. When I began to ask around I discovered that several people hadnt seen the movie or even heard of it, as a matter of fact. Some even confused the movie with the History Channel show Gangster Land . Which brought more and more ashtonishment as I continued interviewing. Finally i was able to find some one who had actually seen the movie. “I loved gangter squad! Especially the very begginng when the one gangster got ripped in half by the two cars,” said engineer Rick Harvey. Even though many people havent seen Gangster Squad, most of the people that have seen it think that it is a great movie, but there are some that don’t really care for it. “I didn’t really like it, there wasnt enough action,” said junior Tristan Heil. Showing that there are some that didnt like the movie as much as others. Gangster Squad is a movie filled with action and love, but is it enough or too much for you?