Prom Approaches

Dimond High School’s prom is on April 27th, at the Egan Center. As always, only juniors and seniors can attend, with the exception of an underclassmen attending with an upperclassmen. The location, the Egan Center, is tentative, but will probably end up being finalized. Several people are unhappy about this, because they feel it is too small for all the people attending. Tickets go on sale the week of the dance, and are available at lunch in the concession stand. They are $50 for a single person and $75 for a couple. They will also be available after Thursday and Friday. The theme for this year’s is an underwater theme. Junior Jin Chong said, “To pick the theme, we basically did a lot of brainstorming. We felt we could do a lot of interesting things with it. It’s also classic, but we wanted to make it better than just the average underwater theme. I like it a lot. Anderson and the rest of the juniors have come up with a lot of good ideas for decorations and props, so it should be really fun.” Caitlynn Dubie, also a junior, said, “Even though I didn’t go last year, I think it will be better than last year’s because of the underwater theme. I’m really excited because I have super cute dress, and my friends and I all know what we’re doing.” Speaking of dresses, many people say that the most exciting part of prom is getting their dress. Some of the good places to go are Anderson’s Bridal, owned by Dimond’s own Mr. Anderson, and Fourth Avenue Boutique. Aaliyah Lewis, a senior, said “If I had to give people new to prom one piece of advice, it would be to get your dress early. Anderson’s and Fourth Avenue Boutique are some of the best places to go because they make sure no one gets the same dress as you.” Junior Hannah Seidl said, “Getting dressed up seems like the best part of prom. I’m excited about getting my hair and makeup done too because I already have it all planned out in my head. The only thing is, it seems a little bit expensive.” Most people interviewed were of the same opinion; most girls that is. Guys are more about the food and the dancing. Some of the most recommended places to go for dinner before prom, are The Dish, Suite 100, or The Brewhouse. Those are delicious, yet reasonably priced options. This year, just like every year, the Dimond staff and faculty are looking to keep prom a safe and fun event for everyone. Should you choose to attend, make sure to make good choices, and don’t forget to have a good time.