Sprint Pass Swish

Sprint Pass Swish!! Senior Karenna Liggon has been playing basketball since Kindergarten. “ I do not really excited when I score because I score too much,” she said. Liggon does not know what college she wants to play basketball for yet. “I am a very competitive player, I hate to lose,” she said. Senior Sierra Afoa started playing basketball in the first grade. Her favorite highschool basketball season was her freshman year when she got moved up to varsity. Afoa’s favorite basketball memory was her trip to Vegas during her sophomore year, because “ I got to room with Manta (Aminata Cole) and we got to see the Jabawokies perform it was so fun,” she said. Senior Aminata Cole also plays on Tree of Hope, which is a traveling team. Cole played for YMCA from second grade until eighth grade. “My favorite part of the game is just being able to step on the court with my team and knowing that our opponents fear us,” she said. Senior Ione Fischer is planning on going to Washington for college and also plans to play ball there. Fischer has been on the varsity team since her sophomore year. “Before each game I listen to 2 Pac to get pumped up for my game,” she said. “ I love playing basketball because it is a fast scoring game and I like the feeling when I make a shot and hearing people cheer my name in the crowd.” Junior Tara Thompson gets very nervous before each game because she does not want to make a mistake. Thompson and her teammates get along really well because they have played and known each other forever, she said. Thompson plans on playing basketball in college because she loves the game. Thompson says “basketball is a good way to help pay for my college education.” Junior Kaylynn Haywood a post player on the Dimond varsity team, is playing her first official season on the varsity team this year. Haywood was a part of the varsity team last year but only as a swing player, which means she is on JV but when varsity needs her she would move up and play with them. “I played basketball in Ketchikan my freshman year, but I like Dimond better because of the competition,” she said. Sophomore Rhoyn Huss started playing basketball when she was three. Huss got into basketball because her whole family plays the game. Huss made the varsity as a freshman which is pretty cool because not many freshman make the varsity team. “I was really nervous to join the varsity team because I wasn’t part of the clique with the other girls, I was the odd one out,” she said. “My inspiration is my mom because she pushes me to do my best and has and will always be at my games supporting me, I love looking into the crowd and seeing her there.”