Career Resource Center

In this day in age, it’s hard to come by of a good, wealthy and stable job. Given this economy in the mix, it makes it even more challenging to come by this “dream job.” This is why in this century it’s a splendid idea to have a college degree to back yourself up and give you the advantage from another guy in a competition for a job. Career Resource Center (CRC) at Dimond High School; or any high school for that matter, is that first stepping stone to a better future. The CRC helps you find the college that’s right for you. It will help you find that one college that will set you apart from all the others, and give you a successful education and furthermore a successful career. With that, they also help look for a program that fits you. They help with finding scholarships, tuition, getting setup with FASFA, grant money, you name it, but what if all that changed in the blink of an eye? Starting the fall of 2013, The Anchorage School District K-12 (aka, ASDK12) has intentions to cut the Career Resource Center and the Graduation Coach from all high schools in the Anchorage district. I had an in depth interview with one of the Career Resource Center’s staff and in the interview this is some of the things she said. Kim Lauwers, CRC Staff, said. “I’m really sad for the students. This job has been here since 1985 There’s a reason why it’s here and you live in a isolated place; and Alaska a isolated place. I feel this office is a connection to the lower 48 as well as in-state opportunities for students and they’re just not going to get the same amount of information as they normally have. So I’m just more of really sad about what it’s going to do to the students and future students.” Finally I asked the nerve racking question to Lauwers about the high school graduation rate and the rate of college applicants after the CRC and the graduation coaches has been removed from Anchorage high schools. She said. “Absolutely I think graduation rates will drop. A lot of the positions they are cutting are considered support staff positions that help like the graduation coach which is very valuable for those students that need a little extra help.”