200 Tickets

Kodi Pfeiffer Journalism II February 19, 2013 Mrs. Norsworthy 200 Parking tickets On the 8th of February there was a terrible tragedy that stung around two-hundred Dimond High School students. From between the time that first hour started and all the way to lunch time, the Dimond High Police Officers went on a spree, a parking ticket spree that is. Every student who parked in the Dimond parking lot without a parking pass sadly reveived tickets. People may wonder why they just happened to go out and give hundreds of tickets. My conclusion is that the weather was nice and the temperature was warm, nobody’s going to want to go out in the freezing weather to give a kid a parking ticket. So on that nice day that everyone was originally going to enjoy, the police just had to go out and ruin all of the Dimond student’s days that they gave parking tickets to. Sure some people may say, “well you should have a parking pass” or “just go buy a parking pass”, yet its not all that easy. Parking passes are so outrageously expensive now, and some people don’t have the money to buy one. Those people that don’t have the money to pay for a parking pass have just been parking in the parking lot, because they either have no other way to get to school other than to drive and have nowhere else to park, or there is somewhere to park maybe like on the side of the road, but lately it has been ridiculously cold outside and we don’t want to have to suffer through the chill. I think if they made the parking passes a little cheaper they would have definitely not have given out so many parking tickets and wasted so much paper. I asked Senior Andrew Pritchard what his opinion on the parking passes and their expense, he said, “I don’t think they are too expensive, but I don’t think they should still cost so much if you’re only buying it for a quarter.” Being a senior this year I hope that in the future Dimond High School lowers the prices of these parking passes so the students are actually able to pay for them. I hope that they will not have to just worry about getting a parking ticket by parking in the Dimond parking lot because they have nowhere else to park. I think that Students of Dimond High School should each get a parking pass for free just because they are a student of the school and that they are actually attending it. I asked Pritchard what he thought about the dreadful day and he said exactly what I thought he’d say: Pritchard said, “I find it pretty ridiculous and a major waste of paper.” I think most of the students who attend Dimond High School feel the same way I do, it is way too expensive to park at school especially since you are required by law to be here.