Senior Spotlight: Payton Lauwers

A man with many varsity letters and with a one-of-a-kind mullet, Senior Payton Lauwers, is a well known, athletically gifted sports player at Dimond. Senior Payton Lauwers has participated in varsity basketball, baseball and football. He is heavily involved in the sports world at Dimond, having won the Basketball State Tournament his junior year. Lauwers is currently playing baseball, since his basketball season ended. Graduating with his basketball team, Lauwers is looking at playing basketball or baseball on a college level. He enjoys playing outdoors and living the Alaskan lifestyle, doing what he loves. With his mom and dad being staff members at Dimond, they are always trying to keep him on track with his academics. The typical high schooler would not be happy if they went to school and their parents were teachers at the same school. It doesn’t seem to bother Lauwers knowing that he is always in his mom and dad’s classrooms. He is an athletically gifted player who never ceases to amaze. Being a varsity player, he is a looked at by most athletes at Dimond, it is kind of hard to miss that mullet he has been growing for the past year. Senior Dyllon Mills said, “I am going to miss playing basketball with this guy, but the thing I will miss most about him is his Joe Dirt-level mullet.” Lauwers has been supported by his basketball team through everything. One person he has especially bonded to is Senior Damon Cikanek. Cikanek said, “I have played with him since we were little kids, we know how each other play. Since we have known each other through sports, our relationship has escalated even further to hanging out outside of sports. He is a great guy and an even better friend.” Currently looking to claim his second sports ring, he is playing baseball with another State-contending team. With his dad coaching him through baseball and basketball, he has developed into an outstanding player and a great individual off the field. Having two older brothers that have left a basketball legacy, Lauwers was quick to pick it as his main sport. Trying hard every year to be a state championship contesting team, they had the perfect mold with Brock Crowe, Damon Cikanek, Ryden Hines, Colter Lasher and Luke Adams as the starting five. Lauwers was the sixth man, meaning he was the first sub to come on, so he was one of the most important players. Dimond graduate Brock Crowe said, “I wish I was still in high school for the sports. We had a dream team and with Payton being the sixth man, it was an unstoppable team. We had a great run and ended on top.”