A Man of Talent: Christopher Starr

When it comes to being involved, Dimond Senior Christopher Starr definitely makes the cut. Over the course of his four years at Dimond, Chris has participated in numerous activities. Chris has been in JROTC all four years of high school and within JROTC, he has been a Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and drill team captain. Chris led the Unarmed Exhibition drill team to two state championship victories as well as several other first place trophies in other drill meets. When asked what he will miss most about JROTC, Chris said, “I’ll miss being a leader, and being someone that a cadet can look up to.” Chris has also been a member of Swing Choir for two years. Chris said, “I’ll miss performing in front of the people I’ve known here at Dimond. I’ll also miss singing, but let’s not go too broad. The Swing Choir is like a family to me, we’re all on the same path and have the same goals, and they never judge me.” Chris has also participated in Track and Field for three years, in particular in the 100m and 200m. Dimond teacher Andrea Evans said, “[In the future] I could see Chris being an athlete or going into a field where he serves people (society) in some capacity.” Chris competed in three talent shows, in his sophomore, junior, and senior year. This last talent show, he won for rapping. Chris said, “My favorite memory was in sophomore year. Me, my three best friends, and my cousin rapped at the talent show.” On the opposite side, Chris’ least favorite memory was his junior year JROTC Military Ball. Chris said, “My date had to leave early, but besides that, the rest of the night was great.” Chris wants to be remembered for being that kid that looked the odds against him straight in the eye and said back off and for not caring what anybody said or who was in his way, that if he wanted something it was his. In the future, Chris plans on attending the University of Alaska Anchorage for four years, earning a music degree. He later wants to become a music producer and artist. He wishes to retire into teaching choir after pursuing a career making music. Looking back, Chris said, “I regret not doing anything for black history month and not making enough time to go after the scholarships I wanted.” For advice for current and future students at Dimond, Chris said, “School is not for drama. Don’t be stupid. If you get caught being stupid, you brought it on yourself.” Chris would also like to thank his teachers, especially Mr. Brown, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Lickenteller, Ms. Evans, Ms. Smurthwaite, and last but certainly not least, MSG Shelley. Chris would also like to say, “Hi Ms. Evans!”