Alec Teeter Senior Spotlight

Alec Teeter Senior Spotlight Senior Alec Teeter is a Varsity football player, fluent Japanese speaker, and an accomplished Dimond High senior. This member of the class of 2013 has made quite an impact at Dimond over the last four years. Junior Oliver Nannestad said of Teeter, “I have been in Japanese class with Alec for the past couple years now. He’s always known what’s going on in class when literally no one else can understand what our teacher is saying. “He’s a cool guy and I am sad to see him go.” I asked Teeter about his favorite memory from his high school career. “Well that’s kind of hard,” Teeter began. “but being ranked ninth best football player in the state was amazing. “It’s not first place, but out of the hundreds of guys that play every year, I got into the top ten.” Interested in what one of his teachers thought of him, I asked Mrs. Stutzer about Teeter. “Alec is one of my favorite students in my sixth period Anatomy class.” said Stutzer. “He doesn’t goof around all the time like many of my other seniors tend to do. He is a great student and I am sure he will go far in life.” Curious about what career choice he is choosing to pursue since he seems very qualified in different subjects, I asked senior Joel Tomuro what he thought Alec will end up doing in the future. “Well after knowing Alec and being in class with him for thirteen years now, I think I know him pretty well. I think he’ll probably go to college studying some kind of science, and maybe continuing wrestling and football on the side.” Teeter spoke of his summer job. “I’m going to have a hang out and relax for about a month, then I am going down to Michigan to visit some family and friends.” said Teeter. “I’ll also probably be doing some construction work with my buddy to earn some money throughout the summer. Originally, he had wanted to focus on sports for his college career, but decided against it recently, deciding to focus on what he called “a more practical major.” But what is after this for Alec Teeter? He plans to attend college, but what next? Maybe move away? “I might stay in Alaska for a few years after I graduate. I think it will be nice to stay close to family when I’m still getting onto my feet, but after that, I plan to move to Texas or Montana.” Alec Teeter seems to have his future well planned out and it will be sad to see him go when he graduates this year.