“Awkward” Returns

On April 16, season three of Awkward premiered on the MTV network. The classic crew, Jenna, Matty, Jake, Sadie, Tamara and others reassembled for another season of hilarious banter. Students at A.J. Dimond High School were beyond excited to see the return of the show. “I love Awkward. It’s my life. It’s really easy to relate to her life, but it’s a riveting soap opera at the same time,” said Senior Aaliyah Lewis. Sophomore Hannah Gastaldi said, “ Awkward is a great show. I spend most of my time watching it actually, because it’s just so addicting. It’s relateable in a strange way, but at the same time it’s not. I like watching it because just like the title says, the show is awkward.” The show is based of one high school girl, Jenna Hamilton, played by Ashley Rickards, and her life. Throughout the show she records her thoughts on family and friends in a personal blog she keeps online. As in any show, there is plenty of drama to go around. However, Awkward provides good comic relief with other characters, such as her best friends Tamara and Ming, or her crazy guidance counselor. As in any high school, there are mean girls. Sadie Saxton is the mean girl, and she makes Jenna’s life a lot harder than it should be. Allie McDonnell, a sophomore, said “Sadie is actually my favorite character because even though she’s kind of mean, her comebacks are always really funny.” This season opens with Jenna’s thoughts and feelings about the summer coming to an end, and school picking up. Jenna is confused about her choices concerning her love life, her friends, and even her classes. Specifically, she questions whether she should have chose Jake over Matty. For some, Jenna’s love life is the most interesting aspect of the show. Many students seem to agree on the fact that Jenna made a good choice selecting Matty. Natalyne Tes, a junior, said “Matty is honestly the best part of the show. He is so cute and I think Jenna was right to pick him.” Lewis agrees. “I have been, and always will be, Team Matty. Jake is a sweet guy, but he works much better with Tamara. Although, the new guy, Colin, is right up there with Matty.” The new guy, Colin, is introduced this season in Jenna’s writing class. He has received a lot of hype so far, but that’s probably based on his looks since he’s only been in one episode so far. All in all, if you like hilarious, yet dramatic shows, Awkward is the show for you. Jenna and her friends provide much entertainment throughout their high school journey, with a crazy guidance counselor, an interesting family and a very attractive boyfriend to go along .