Signe Stanton: A Senior to Remember

There are many seniors at A.J. Dimond High School, worthy of recognition, one of those being Signe Stanton. As glad as she is to graduate and move on with her life, Stanton will still miss her high school years. This interview takes a closer look at her four years at Dimond High. Stanton has had many achievements over the years, academically as well as physically. She participated in cross country skiing all four years, as well as tennis for three year, and received a letter in both sports. Stanton has loaded her schedule with honors classes since freshman year. In addition, she has challenged herself with various Advanced Placement classes (AP). When asked what she thought was her greatest achievement in high school, Stanton had an impressive answer. “My greatest achievement throughout high school was probably maintaining a 3.91 GPA even while doing the early honors program at Alaska Pacific University,” Stanton said. Her mom, Kristen Stanton, agrees. “Signe’s greatest achievements of her high school career are finding a job she loves, and having a steady relationship all while keeping up her stellar grades! Also, completing the APU early honors program was a big step,” she said. Signe Stanton is not only an involved, intelligent student, she’s also a major role model to her younger sister, Kaily Stanton. “I admire that Signe is pretty, nice, smart, and funny. She works really hard and gets exceptional grades at school, yet still manages to have time for fun! And shes the best sister ever! She’s always there for me; I can tell her everything and anything.” Yet again, her mother agreed. “Signe is an outstanding baker, and a constant ray of sunshine. She’s an optimist, very funny, the perfect daughter.” Of course, Signe admits she couldn’t have become the person she is today without the support of her family and friends. “My parents are the main people who support me,” said Stanton, “but many of my teachers and best friends have also played a role in supporting my whole high school career. Also, even though we have our ups and downs, my boyfriend Jackson has been a constant stream of encouragement, helping to make these years more bearable.” Stanton is excited to be attending college in the fall, but for now she has graduation to focus on. For the rest of us, with several years of high school left, she leaves this advice. “Relish the time you have now, because high school years are the beginning of the greatest times of your life. It might not seem like it, but the work you put into high school will pay off later so work hard and have fun. ”