The Voice

We’ve all heard of talent based shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and America’s Got Talent . Even shows specific to singing like American Idol or The X-Factor . Joining the ranks of famous talent shows was The Voice in 2011. The Voice is an American reality television singing competition broadcasted on NBC . The concept of the series is to find new singing talent (solo or duets) contested by aspiring singers, aged 15 or over, drawn from public auditions. Before landing a spot on the show, contestants must go through a blind audition and if a coach presses their button and turns their chair around then they have made a team, but if multiple coaches turn around then the contestant gets to decide which coach they want. For the first three seasons, the coaches were Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Cee Lo Green. In the current season, season four, the judges are Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher, and Shakira. When asked if they would miss Christina and Cee Lo, Dimond students were mostly in agreement. Freshman Meghan Lindbeck said, “I’ll miss both of them, but Cee Lo more than Christina.” Sophomore Nikki Forrey said, “I’ll miss Cee Lo, not Christina.” Junior Xavier Hannah said, “I’ll miss Cee Lo, the little player he is. He also has nice shirts. Not so much Christina.” Even though they will miss the old judges, Dimond students are hopeful for the new ones. When asked if Shakira and Usher, the new judges, would make the show better, students were in agreement. Forrey said, “Yes [the new judges will make the show better].” Hannah said, “Usher’s kind of like Cee Lo, and Shakira’s better than Christina, so yes.” Lindbeck said, “Kind of, at least Usher will [make the show better]. When asked their favorite judges, students were in agreement with slight variation. Lindbeck said, “Adam [is my favorite].” Hannah said, “Adam, he’s a cool guy, make good music, and he’s better at teaching his team members.” Forrey said, “Either Adam or Blake. I grew up listening to country, which includes Blake. I also love Maroon 5 so it’s hard to decide between the two.” With the fourth season just getting into the knockout rounds, it’s hard to predict who will win, and it shows within student’s answers. When asked which team they think will win, all student’s answers were different. Lindbeck said, “[I think] Usher’s team [will win].” Forrey said, “Adam’s team.” Hannah said, “Blake’s team, he has some really good artists, I just can’t think of their names in particular.” Overall, The Voice is a very popular show and has received great reviews. All students agreed, if you haven’t seen The Voice before, go watch it.