From Trash to Art

Have you thought about what you see around the halls here at Dimond? I took the time to walk around for awhile and I found some crazy stuff. It went from a sock on the floor to gum stuck to the carpet, and that is just some of it. There was also a lot of trash, especially food from lunch, chips bags and cheese spread all over the floor. Instead of throwing the Subway napkin all the way into the trash, somebody decided it was fine right next to it. Other things found around in the halls are pencils. Two seniors and best friends, Matt Falconer and Alex Ripley, have taken special notice of the pencils around Dimond. “I started picking up pencils in middle school,” Falconer said. Ripley said, “Me and Matt collected pencils around the halls.” Falconer started collecting pencils in eighth grade. When the boys started their junior year at Dimond, Ripley joined Falconer in collecting pencils. In the beginning it was all just a hobby. “We started to make a game out of it,” said Falconer. Falconer and Ripley has been collecting pencils their whole junior year and are still collecting now that they are in the final days of their senior year. The large board where they have put all 974 of the pencils has become a major art project. The title of their project is “A Year in Pencils,” Ripley said. Falconer and Ripley are still figuring out where their project is going to hang. “Mr. [Marcus] Reese is letting us use his class room to put it in,” said Ripley. Last year, they added many pencils from “Senior locker cleanout day,” said Falconer. “We would get out of class early, to collect pencils that day,” said Falconer. Ripley said, “We could collect up to 25 a day.” Pencils are just one thing in the halls of Dimond that students could collect and make a project out of.