Senior Spotlight: Anton Werin

Dimond senior Anton Werin is not just any senior, he is an exchange student from Gothenburg, Sweden. Exchange students want to try all the different fast food but also want to stay in shape, so Werin joined Track and Field this semester. “A lot of the skiing people were also on the track team,” Werin said who has not just been sitting around this year. Skiing was the first sport Werin signed up for at Dimond . “I met most of my good friends on the cross country skiing team,” he said. Werin has been in Track and Field, Cross-Country Skiing and JROTC at Dimond. “In Track you really have to push yourself,” Werin said. Werin has more than one favorite thing about American high school. JROTC and sports are just the top two. JROTC was something Werin especially loved. “Best class ever,” Werin said. For Werin JROTC was his life here at Dimond. “It was awesome,” Werin said. Werin’s life as an exchange student in Alaska has been pretty good. Being an exchange student is not always easy, but for Werin, joining the JROTC was what made him happier about staying across the sea for the last year, and if Werin could, he would stay until the end of JROTC summer camp. A memory Werin will take with him is the JROTC triathlon party, especially “sitting in the hot tub,” said Werin. Over the past nine months Werin has been doing a lot, and the year has not been boring. “I got a lot of new friends,” Werin said. Not only has Werin been doing great in sports, but school-wise he has been doing really great. “I have straight As,” said Werin. Werin does not have many days left in Alaska, but he is leaving with only having one regret, “not doing the armed exhibition with JROTC.” Werin will be leaving soon to go home to Sweden. He does not have any specific plans when he lands in Sweden other than hanging out with his friends.