Senior Spotlight: Emily Owen

Emily Owen is graduating in the class of 2013 Summa Cum Laude. Owen said “this has always been one of my goals, and I am so glad that all of my hard work paid off.” Her strong areas include English and History, although she excels in math and science as well. Owen’s favorite classes at Dimond were U.S. Government and Art, taught by Social Studies teachers Missy Nurmi and Greg Brown. She has been in art for all four years of high school. Owen participated in bowling at Dimond for three years in a row. Her sophomore and junior year she was on junior varsity, and got the chance to practice and improve before being on varsity her senior year. She was one of the top bowlers at State this year, and they ended up getting first place. Owen also played tennis her junior year and was on junior varsity. “I got to meet a lot of new people while bowling and playing tennis. I was not as competitive in tennis as I was in bowling, but had a lot of fun doing both. I liked only having bowling three times a week because I could still keep on top of my homework. The funnest part was getting to hangout with my friends who were also on the team, and eating pizza and snacks at practice. It was also nice that I could get gym credit for bowling,” Owen said. Owen’s hobbies include hanging out with friends, family, reading, watching TV, bowling and many other things. Her friends and family have always been two of the most important things in her life. Owen has two younger sisters: her youngest sister, Abigail, is in the fifth grade at Kincaid Elementary School and her other sister, Savanah, is a freshman at Dimond. Owen and Savanah also attended Kincaid Elementary School, and both went on to middle school at Mears. Owen plans on attending Colorado State in the fall and she will be studying Art History with a minor in business. She would like to get her PhD and become a college professor of Art History. Owen will also be participating in a research program at Colorado State. “I was really happy to get into the program because the opportunity is rarely given to freshman students. I think it will be a good experience because it will help me get connections for my later years in school. I will also get to know many professors, which will be cool.” When asked what she is going to miss about high school Owen said, “I am going to miss my friends the most but I am excited for college because I will have a lot more freedom and independence. It will be nice being able to make all of my own decisions and not have people telling me what to do.” She says she can’t wait to start the next part of her life in college, and is excited to see what it will be like.