“Vampire Diaries” Hypnotizes Its Viewers

Vampire Diaries is a show about a group of teenagers who live in a prehistoric town called Mystic Falls that used to be infested with vampires and werewolves. A few of the main characters are vampires from the 1800s that have traveled around the world and come back to live in Mystic Falls. The other main characters attend Mystic Falls High School and also grew up there. The show is all about the vampires, werewolves, humans, hybrids and witches in the town. The characters are constantly fighting with each other and trying to solve the problems that they face. They are either teaming up, betraying each other or are somewhere in the middle. This adds a lot of excitement and suspense, because you never know what is going to happen or what the characters are going to do. There are also a lot of relationships between the characters that come and go, and many losses suffered, but they always remain friends. Vampire Diaries has action, romance and drama. It is always exciting, and very entertaining to watch. Vampire Diaries is also known to have really good-looking actors, which is why a lot of people watch it. Junior Elizabeth Rus said “It’s eye-catching. It has action, drama, comedy and romance. The cast is appealing, like even the older people are attractive. Mostly every week they end with some sort of cliffhanger and you just can’t wait for the week after that. The plot itself is amazing. The dialogue is amazing, the music is fantastic, the way they use flashbacks a lot is intriguing, the storylines of the characters draw you in.” Senior Ariela Lewis said, “The story lines are pretty good, but the good-looking actors are what makes the show good.” The show is mainly watched by girls, because of all the good-looking male actors. Junior Amber Prather said “I love Paul Wesley. I love how exciting it is. I am always on my toes, and can’t wait for the next episode to come on. I like the love triangles between all of the characters. It gives me hope for my life and I just overall love everything about the show.” Things do get complicated within all of the love triangles, but they are fun to watch. There are going to be a total of six seasons and the fifth season is currently being aired.