Crossover Means the Most

At the end of the school year there’s a specific day for the students that symbolizes the changing of the grades from freshman to sophomore, and so on. Everyone gets together to create slogans for their class, and make shirts and signs. Then with assembly schedule all the kids are anxious to get to their spot on the bleachers so they can sport their wear as they change from one grade to another. The assembly is called Crossover because one at a time, each grade shifts from its old spot on the bleacher to its new one a grade higher. “This is best spirit day because everyone is most excited to graduate into the next grade,” said Senior Megan Romo. It really does look neat when everyone is in the gym with the green, blue, gold and maroon. Kids come up with the most creative things, like the slogan “Soph-no-more” or the word “Junior” spelled out between six friends, each with a letter on their shirt. “I think Crossover means the most to the seniors,” said Junior Lauren Martens. Crossover is also on the same day as Senior Fun Day, so after the seniors have their day at the AT&T Center they come back and rush into the gym to sit down on the floor and look around at all the students that will soon take their place at Dimond High. They sit there with friends and reminisce of the memories that they’ve shared and the hard work they spent getting to where they are now. When everyone is ready and quiet, the senior slide show takes place. This event would probably be the most emotional for both the seniors and the staff of Dimond. Parents and students send in photos from when students were little all the way to the young adults they are now. It shows how much they’ve grown, who they stayed friends with and how much they have accomplished throughout their years in school. Cross over is one of the most meaningful assemblies of the year for a lot of students and teachers. It’s a very exciting day in general, seeing all the different classes with their visions of being one grade higher, and that much closer to graduating. All of the underclassmen look up to the seniors and one day being able to sit on the gym floor and watch their senior slideshow as they take the next step in their life.